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7/22/2005 3:43 pm

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I find it more than a little bit interesting, as I send out very few mails indeed, and am then very careful about what I write and who I write to, to see how many people don't live up to their profiles.

Fine, many people - especially the women here - receive more mails than they can cope with, and most of them are probably of the basic type which can be discarded immediately anyway. But what about those where someone has really read through the profile, and manages to write in an interesting and informative fashion, and whose own profile matches what is being looked for?

Perhaps, for many, the pleasure is in the online meeting and not so much the real thing but, if anyone I've written to does ever reply, I promise to buy the first bottle of the best red wine they have, with no strings attached!

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rm_sharksnsails 47M
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7/23/2005 5:18 am

I have written (and deleted) many responses to your web log. I frequently find that I seem to be "sucking up" when I write them. I don't want to make a bad impression so invariably I delete them. I almost stopped blogging altogether because I knew that I lack such might of the pen as you (from various photos seen on AdultFriendFinder I wonder if I didn't get short changed in the sword department also). It does make me happy though reading your blogs to know that you're out there, holding the line for those of us that see a higher asthetic then that which the eyes alone behold, and should we ever meet, then I should hope it over there, because here in Texas all we have is beer (and skantly clad cheerleaders).

nightstogether 57M

7/23/2005 1:16 pm

I am sorry to hear that you write and then delete, all responses are more than welcome as they give me an excellent picture of other people and their ways. I have never been one to condemn another because of their style of writing, nor the content of their comment or post, and I hope that I never will be.

As to beer and cheerleaders - might I point out that moves are afoot to change those cheerleaders quite drastically and, to add insult to injury, once you've drunk one or two of the more than five thousand five hundred German beers you'll realise, there are no beers elsewhere!

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Mccartney2003 39M
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7/26/2005 1:47 am

I've found my expierence here to be half and half.
I've met alot of nice women here as my testimonials show.
I've met more than I have testimonials. Some are just shy.
I am ever on a search for a regular lover and a friend.
Not a one night stand or a once a month.
I don't mail alot to others.
But to some I do get in touch with I find that they are alot of talk and nothing else.
They either mail you direct or reply to your letter.
There are alot of mailings back and forth about how good we are clicking or internet chat.
When it comes down to a meeting or a phone number they balk.
Next thing you know your ignored and get no replies.
Some people are just out for the attention I suppose.

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