Answering a photo question.  

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5/16/2005 11:46 am

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Answering a photo question.

Quite a few people have asked, quite a few people have commented, now it's time, before I go out on the town, to make the truth public.

It's about that photograph I have on my profile. No, not the one with the bald head, silly, nor the other one with the bald head. I know you'll all automatically have thought of those two pictures and not the dick pic. But it is indeed the dick pic that I mean.

When I first arrived in Germany, a few years ago now, but too few to number (believe me), I was penniless. Writing is a profession that doesn't come about overnight, and certainly isn't one which is a guaranteed source of income. I needed another source of income to see me through those first few months before I became known and successful - or years, perhaps.

Back in the Seventies I lived in London. In the evenings I danced and stripped for paying customers. It wasn't difficult - there wasn't a pole back then, there - and it brought in some good tips and, occasionally, a warm bed to - eventually - sleep in with an almost guaranteed breakfast. I'm used to the limelight and have never had a problem undressing before the gaze of others; dancing to Seventies music was something that I enjoyed, and didn't attract the critical looks from disco visitors orm potential pick-ups who weren't all that interested. People were there purely because they were interested, no other reason. The blooming and booming sex industry of the sleezy West End in London.

It was automatic, then, that I sort of reverted to this trade when I got to Germany. A few ads in the free papers, offering Life Model (art class and private) and Escort services, and then word of mouth. Older, but not all that much uglier (well, in my opinion!) I made it work and managed to see myself through the tougher times before my first writings began to be accepted and a steady income arrived each week.

The dick pic comes from the end of those good times. It was one of my last modelling assignments; a pure one-off of me alone, in the open, for an exhibitionist magazine.

They were good times (I was young and needed the money rings true, but they were good times) and I don't regret a single moment of them; not even the stress when filming, or the angst attacks of photographers when on a shoot. Dancing, well, not any more, but the other stuff, great fun.

So, guys and gals, yes, that one is me. Yes, it is a professional picture, and yes, the angle does make 'it' look bigger than it probably is when seen close up. I should care!

Questions, on the back of a brand new 100 Euro bill (two fifties would do at a pinch) will be answered happily!

Now. Time to put on my glad rags, black of course, and get out to the Gothic Night. Pity that I missed Leipzig last week, but this is going to be just as good.

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