A long, slow poke.  

nightstogether 58M
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7/25/2005 3:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A long, slow poke.

What is it with those who're only interested in a quickie? Fine, I can understand the need now and then for a bit of excitement; taking advantage of the moment; living dangerously and getting a shot from doing it where there's a chance of getting caught, or quick and neat to satisfy a need.

Personally, I prefer it long and slow. I like the idea - and the act itself - of taking my time with my partner and bringing them to that high point over and over again when possible. I enjoy the pleasures of spending time undressing them; exploring them all over; moving from one zone to another without grabbing straight onto the genetalia within the first few seconds. I enjoy being able to bring someone off, if they're in the right mood for such a game, before they've got their clothes off.

Sex isn't just that poking about bit though. There's the build up to it - which can take an hour or so - and there's the slow returning to earth afterwards, which needs half an hour to be on the safe side. Then there's the bit in the middle, which shouldn't just be poking around and doing press-ups (male) or sit-ups (female). More imagination is needed; the willingness to explore every single crevice; to get a real sexual sweat going; to feel those stomach and lower abdomen muslces tightening up and quivering when the right point is touch upon, and to make the blood rush to my partners head and their breath come in little gasps.

Taking your time is one of the best ways to achieve everything your partner wishes, and there is far more satisfaction in the end than when one has the quick poke and satisfaction, and the other is still thinking about which position to try next ...

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wyvernrose 39F  
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7/25/2005 4:26 am

Boney and I really miss our sessions that lastest hour upon hour upon hour, or sometimes even for days when we both managed to get some time off,

but when you have kids there is no such thing as time off

your sex life becomes a string of quickies on the nights that they actually stay in bed as your too exhausted and know if you don't make room for sleep the kids will gut you the following morning....

Ahhhhhhh if only babysitters could take them for longer than an evening or overnight


nightstogether 58M

7/25/2005 4:47 am

wyvernrose: I'm glad that I don't have those problems! One of the advantages of having children elsewhere and living pretty much alone! But a good long session ... I wouldn't give it up for the world!

private-intellectual (.de)

LadyFantasy68 50F
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7/25/2005 6:49 am

Mmmmm I agree. Always a place for a quickie but the best sex is usually when you take your time and build the tension and arousal up before release. Now if only I could find the right someone to share all that with.

keithcancook 61M
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7/25/2005 7:17 pm

Certainly it is better to have all the time you desire. Yet spontanious sex on the fly adds variety over the course of a relationship.

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