The Nutcases  

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4/30/2006 5:07 am

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The Nutcases

Not even a year ago I helped my sister move into her current appartment. Yes and there is stairs involved. She lives on the second carting a TV and such really no big deal...but the one thing that we had trouble with was her WATERBED....yes her waterbed....The waterbed matress to be more specific...Now I know what your thinking you can just drain the water our of it and its pretty light maybe 100 pounds if that...but see...this matress was different from your typical matress...inside it has a foam coushon...whos bright idea that was I will never know...but basically they tried to combine a waterbed with a regular bed...for more support during sleep...The thing about foam is...its like a sponge....So this thing weighed close to 300 pounds when trying to lift it AND carry it up stairs....oh did I mention that it was a queen size bed....yea....(my sister lacks a brain most of the time and didnt think to go to a waterbed place and barrow a waterbed pump to get the rest of the water out) So...Her husband, my father, and myself had to cart it up stairs by hand. Now my dad hes still pretty strong. My brother in law...despite being a big guy cant lift anything because his back is all messed up but it was the thought that counted. So I take the brunt of the weight on my shoulders while these two grab the ends...Now It really wouldnt be so bad if you could actaully GRIP it but with nothing to really hold on to it makes it difficult. Well we got it up there finaly and it was a bitch let me tell you.

I tell you that story as a set up to what happend yesterday. Yesterday my sister got a new bed....YES a NEW...FUCKING...BED....THIS TIME we had a waterbed parents actaully had one but last time they couldnt find it...So they managed to get most of the water out of the foam...She wanted it thrown away in the dumpster (she tried to give it away but no one wanted it...She thought I might want it I hate waterbeds..they are uncomfortable at least to me) we have to cart the damn matress BACK DOWN...this time it was just me and my nephew...cant lift anything...To make matters was raining...which made the matress slippery...So we basically let it slide down the reason to carry it anyway then we had to take it all the way to the dumpster UP HILL...and in the RAIN...oh yea why didnt we use the car....WELL my dad hadnt gotten there with the el'camino yet. He was actaully takeing about 3 times longer than he said he would to get we ended up just carriing it..because we were tired of next came the frame...we took it appart with a crappy tool set that my sister purchased....Course my dad was bringing a drill motor which would have made takeing that bed fram appart ALOT faster....but we did it with a regular screw driver...we are on the last two screws when TA shows up with the drill...GEE THANK YOU SO MUCH! then we load the waterbed frame into the dad ended up takeing the frame....god only knows why hes a pack rat like no other...Oh hey guess my sister is getting a new couch....and giveing her old one to a friend...and guess dad and I have to deliver it for her friend...See this is what pisses me off with my sister...she exspects everyone to drop EVERYTHING and help HER...My dad is still trying to get his rental house in order...(he had to get a floor for the kitchen and the fuckers mis scheduled and didnt show up the day they were supposed to...and he had to wait to finish the kitchen which I might add my sister only helped my dad out 1 day out of the 2 months hes spent working on it) And now he trying to fix the heater in the bathroom...Apparently the last tenet did something to it...So my dad was in the middle of that when my sister DEMANDED him to drop everything and move her shit...and you know what makes me even more mad is she sits there and watches...she has the ability to actaully pick up some of the lighter shit but she doesnt....Now me I wasnt doing anything so it wasnt much of a bother for me...but I told her to leave dad alone and she doesnt listen...So when he did get there they both start argueing like always....My dad likes messing with her sometimes...My sister told him to park in the spot next to hers and he told her that he parked up the hill (even though he didnt) then I thought he parked up the hill...So I was telling him to move the car closer. Now...I hadnt slept in more than 24 patience for jokes and the like is close to zero when I havent slept...and its even worse when I want to finish a job...Its not a good idea to mess with me when Im working cuz then you break my focus and it angers me greatly...So then the three of us are argueing about moveing the car...he says 'I dont need to its already parked there' I look at him and say 'I havent slept in well over 24 hours dont mess with me' He says 'well I wasnt trying to mess with you I was messing with her' And then they start argueing again...So I yelled at them both to shut up and get out of the way so I could move the frame. I ended up loading the car my self with the old bed frame while my nephew put the new bed frame together...which took him like 5 minutes it was just a regular bed not a new waterbed thank god....

My family is a bunch of nutcases and sister is the worst...and my dad comes a close second ...When I got home I didnt even eat anything even though I was hungry...I just went plop right into bed and slept for about 12 hours....which is WAY more that I typically get most of the time I get 4-6 hours sleep..I have a mild case of insomnia...its VERY used to be worse...but its gotten better...I still dont take sleeping pills like Im supposed to...I hate those things...

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4/30/2006 6:58 am

Family, gotta love 'em!

Do you ever leave short comments or posts?

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4/30/2006 9:02 am

My family is kinda fucked up, too. My mom can't balance a checkbook for shit. She bounced a check to the insurance company, and they were theatening to cancel our insurance, so I had to get money outta my account and save the day. My dad changes hobbies every two years. A few years ago, he was a photographer. Now he's a biker. He's a walking mid-life crisis. Course, I rarely see my dad, so it comes as a shock to me. And my grandma is a religious fanatic, but for reason, she's eased up on the rhetoric. As for me, I'm just watching the show.

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flagg134 37M
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4/30/2006 9:14 am

Hmm abusing the free labor next month you'll get a call about her wanting to put in a new fridge. Oh and she needs to change her cabinets to match the color.

MissAnnThrope 57F
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4/30/2006 10:21 am

I would have waited for dad to show up before I did anything. Especially in the rain.

bardicman 51M

5/1/2006 2:08 pm

For the record and future knowledge. A water bed is easier to move if you drain it first

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nightstalker172 37M
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5/2/2006 10:23 am

Paul - Nope I do not....rarely do I ever

Nick - Oh How I wish I could ONLY just watch ...but they always want to involve me

Flagg - yea shes done that to my dad for years labor is right...Course there is no way she could ever afford me if I did charge...I aint cheap

Missann - Well it wouldnt have done any good to wait my dad was feeling under the whether....we just needed the car mostly and the drill motot would have been nie but he wasnt feeling to hot and couldnt really help with the lifting which is fine...It was mainly his timeing...We had arely waited a hour for him and he said he would be there in 15 wouldnt be in any rush either if I were him since I think he was a tab pissed at my sister anyway..

Bard - Tell me about it...and for newer ones you NEED a waterbed pump...we tried a vaccum but it wasnt strong enough so suck the water out of the foam....stupid foam....

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