The Beast  

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12/15/2005 2:19 pm

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The Beast

Locked in a cage for all to see. A hidious monstosity a freak of nature. People pass by and stare. Wondering how something like that came to be. There was no name for this thing. A primal creature full of rage and bloodlust for being mistreated. All it wanted was to be left in peace, but the sadistic nature of man could not let that happen.

At one time it roamed freely. Not a care in the world. Basked in the sunlight on a open plain. Then one day with a curiosity it saw something it had never seen before. It approached with eyes of friendship. Only to be stabbed by the spear of betrayal. I ment no harm why attack me? The more of them came and swarmed aroudn the beast. Corned and scared, The beast did the only thing it knew how to claw and bite but it was no use. The strangers had won.

Locked in a cage now beatin and battered. Not knowing any kindness. As it lay there a bloody broken lump of flesh. It felt a gentle stroke on its back. A soft voice "you poor thing what did they do to you" the voice said. Unsure of this new visitors intent the beast reared up and backed away growling and exsposing teeth. The new entity took a few steps forward looking deep into the beast's eyes. The beast lunged forward to attack only to be stopped by the heavy chain around its neck. Startled the entity took a step back and said "please dont hurt me I mean you no harm" With an out stretch arm and a sullen look in her eyes. She approached the beast once more. The beast was bleeding around its neck. To collar was designed to dig into the flesh if pulled on. The beast just looked back with teeth exsposed but not growling. The new entity slowly approached and touch the beasts face. So gentle so soft. It had been so long since it had known kindness. The entity, the woman. Wrapped her arms around the beast as if to heal his broken soul. She petted him showed him love and compassion. He felt good again.

Then one day she stopped comeing to see him. He would look at that cage door and hope that she would walk in and hug him once more. It never happend again. The beatings resumed. The cuts and bruises never had time to heal. The beast however didnt care. He let them beat him for no reason. He had known happiness if only for a brief time. takeing that away from him was far crueler than any beating or lashing he has recieved. He sits and watches the people go by and point and laugh. Some even pitty him and throw peices of food. All he does it lay there in a pool of his own blood. Stareing at the wall. Waiting for the next beating to come. since that is the only way he can keep track of time. He is broken beyond help. He feels no pain anymore. He just waits for it to end.

By your's truly nightstalker172

curious082385 32F
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12/16/2005 4:10 am

*kisses your cheek*

Once again...beautiful, tragic writing that touches so deep.

nightstalker172 38M
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12/20/2005 3:07 am

thank you

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