Superbowl XL  

nightstalker172 37M
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2/5/2006 7:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Superbowl XL

Seahawks 10 Steelers 21

Going into this game with hopes high I must say. In all honestly I really thought it was going to be a better game than it was. Now Im not saying that because my team lost. I can take defeat that is honorable. This game was completely one sided as far as bad calls are concerned at the very least it should have been a closer game. But when that first TD made by the Seahawks was flagged offensive pass interference even though it was plain for all to see that it was good. I knew that this wasnt going to be called fairly. 2 penalties at the very begining of the game on the steelers were BS too but their punishment wasnt half as bad as what we took..10-15 yard penalties vs 5 yards in the begining. I will also not say that the Seahawks did make mistakes in the game. To two trys for field goals at 50+ yards WTF was that shit.

Another disputed call was Ben's TD... he CLEARLY moved the ball from the green to just over the line. But of course I knew that they would rule it in favor because despite the fact that you can plainly see it was on the green and he moved it. And the bad calls didnt stop there like the intercepted pass was BIG TIME BS. but what can you do right. I have never seen so many one sided BAD calls in a football game in all my life. Now of course you can all say that Im being a poor sport because my team lost. When the game is called fairly Im never a poor sport. I think all in all the Steelers played very well as did the Hawks. If the calls that I mentioned went the other way that doesnt mean the Seahawks would have won. This was even worse than when we lost to the raiders to go to the NFC championships the last time we almost made it to the superbowl. I would like to have seen an actaul game played a good one and really thought that these two teams were a good match up. I think all around it would have been a better game without the fixed calls. I think both teams had really good seasons. They are both really good teams. I think the integrity of the game was ruined by the refs blaintant one sided calls favoring the Steelers...What I hate is when the rich people put their nose in to fix games and personaly I think thats what happend here AGAIN....we all know it did with the cowboys right...come on...

Steeler's MVP award goes to.....the refs - With out them a win might have actaully had to of been earned...

Steelers played hard and well. But do they deserve that trophy...that is debatable. Personaly I think it was bought and paid for rather than played for...

dasher121 37M

2/6/2006 6:40 am

First off night, just let me say that that was one of the most exciting SuperBowls in a VERY long time. My hat's off the the Hawks for just pulling one hell of a fight. But I am most def going to defent my team. So lets look at some facts shall we:

fact #1: SeaHawks field goal kicker missed 6 points worth of kicks.

fact #2: Bens TD. The rule in football states, if ANY part of the football even touches that white line, its a TD. And in the FINAL reply before the extra point, the very tip of the ball clearly touches that line. it does not matter if he is pushed back, falls down, ect. If any part of the ball, even a milimeter, crosses that line it is a TD.

fact #3: Steelers vs. Colts. The refs made such bad calls, that the NFL had to do some serious shit to those officials. Yet the Steelers sucked it up and won anyway, despite of things not going their way.

fact #4: As in prize and ultimate fighting states: "If you fight a fight so close that it is left up to crucial judge and refs decisions, then you take the game out of your own hands and into someone elses." Moral of the story, dont let that happen.

fact #5: Give credit where credits due. The Hawks fought, and fought, and had great stats and plays. But they did not make the big plays. Heinz Ward dropped a TD pass. Next play, he catches a HUGE pass. Willie Parker barely gets any yardedge the WHOLE game, gets stuck on the line time and time again. Yet he kept trying and it paid off. Now how is that cheating? In any game, no matter what, you fight and fight.

And if you get screwed on calls? You make plays. Thats what we did against the Colts. It would have been very easy to just say "oh, boo hoo, the refs had it out for us, they cheated!" Well, we did something about it anyway.

But believe me, there were no rich person fixes, or cheats, or bullshit like that. It was a fairly matched game. The Hawks made many mistakes and didnt capitalize on scoring crucial points.

The called back TD in the endzone? I didnt agree with that at all, and def would give that to the Hawks. But they didnt come back and do something about it. Hell, Randal El got pummeled in the same situation, and no pass interference was called during the Colts bout. So what did they do? They came back and scored anyway.

Shit happens, life sucks, and the Steelers won.

curious082385 32F
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2/6/2006 6:41 am

Had to speak out on one thing....Ben's TD.
Yes, after he fell, he moved the ball back into the end zone. HOWEVER, that is not what they look at. The rule is that if any part of the ball, no matter how small, touches the white counts as a TD. No, the ball never made it OVER the line, but when he still had it held in his arm and was in mid-dive, the football did make contact with that white line just a second before he was hit and pushed back. Therefore it does count as a legitimate score.

But I do have to agree with you that the game could have been better. These were both awesome teams and were well matched, but I think the emotional intensity of being at the Superbowl got the them a little bit and they weren't playing at their best.

nightstalker172 37M
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2/6/2006 9:49 am

I will not argue that the seahawks made their share of mistakes...those two field goal shots where from way too far away to begin with.

Bens TD...In mid air he was over the line but that doesnt count what counts is where he lands and the ball was serveral inches away FROM the line...I know the rule...he moved it out from under himself. But honestly the call that upset me the most was the TD that WE plainly had and didnt get....

I will not argue that both teams played pretty well...seahawks in late game could have done better..The one penalty for holding was legit I wont argue that...but the rest of them....we were penalized 3 times as many yards as the steelers...when willie broke through that was an awesome play for the steelers..Im not doubting the skills of the steelers at all...almost every pass that we made that came near the endzone was flagged against us every single one like it was on purpose...see to me it wasnt really bad calls..they seemed strategically played out...personaly I think the refs were paid off you cant tell me that hasnt happend before....Now for the sake of argument if the bad calls didnt happend would the steelers still have won....I still think it could have gone either way...take out the bad calls and it would have been a much closer far as the steelers and the colts didnt watch it...last superbowl I watched was the Steelers vs the Cowboys...and I rooted for the Steelers...and if I recall there were some bad calls in that one too...that lead the cowboys to another victory which was sickening...anyway I said what I said BS calls = a BS game reguardless who won...

rm_cockmerollme 46F
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2/7/2006 1:13 am

You know, we were all having this discussion at work today, and this was not a good game. Not compared to what we have seen...

No one really shined, no real standouts...very little drama, even with the refs...biggie wow.

I think the letdown, for Steelers fans, is that coming off the wins of the Colts and Denver, we expected more.

If I may make an analogy.
It's like when Boston came back to win 4 games in a fucking row to beat the (many, many unflattering words go here) Yankees...that was impossible, and they did it!

And then they won the World Series.

But by that time, it was like, "So..... what?"

I equate it to having your favorite meal, and never getting full. There is no satisfying payoff here, you know?

Alright, I gotta go. Ben's calling me back to bed...sigh...
Oh, how he loves the big girl beav.....


dasher121 37M

2/7/2006 10:47 am

Def some good points night. I do agree that the TD was questionable, and wont argue that too much further. I think that it was, and some dont. And thus is life right? As far as that Cowboys game? Holy cripes was that dogshit. And yeah, I was pissed too. But not really about the calls. The Steelers played horrid and it was freaking embarrassing to watch lol. That one stunk for miles and miles.

One thing i do like here dude, you stand by your opinions and what you see. So my hats off to you sir. Thats what I like about this blog, a rarerity, you have your view and you stick to it. Yeah, i do think that both teams could have played much better. But, I still think it was a better superbowl than we've seen in a long time. Only because one of the two teams didnt have the game won by the end of the first quarter. I hate that. It makes for a boring game.

nightstalker172 37M
1258 posts
2/7/2006 6:58 pm

I remember a few key bad calls against the steelers in superbowl..oh which was it...30?....It wasnt as obvious in that game as this game but I remember...but I agree the steelers didnt help it any by playing really bad. but what can you do...its over with...I agree with you one sided games are no fun and the first half of this game wasnt which was good....

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