Happy Valentines Day  

nightstalker172 38M
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2/14/2006 12:47 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Happy Valentines Day

Well its that day of love yet again. sigh....oh well...at least there are lots of chocolates to buy in the store hope your V-day goes better than mine.

MissAnnThrope 57F
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2/14/2006 9:43 am

No, no, NO! No chocolate today! What about your diet? Besides, it all goes half price tomorrow!

I'm probably doing this tonight... If I don't fall asleep on the couch, instead. Too bad you're not in the NYC area. Then again, can you get your story down to five minutes?

Moth StorySLAM!

Theme: Love hurts
Tuesday, February 14

A competitive storytelling event
kind of like a poetry slam but with stories

Sponsored by TNT
Hosted by (heart throb) Dan Kennedy
7:00 sign-up
7:30 the show starts
$6 at the door
No RSVP needed

The Nuyorican
East 3rd Street (Between Avenues B and C)

Love heals all things ... but it also doles out a whole lotta whup-ass.

This Valentine's Day, as the city celebrates the many splendored thing, join us as we explore the side of love that makes you go OUCH.

Love can sting, throb, itch, pound, smart or slaughter. It can be a torment or a nuisance, a menace or a mild irritation. And that's when it's good!

Prepare a five-minute story about injuries sustained during the pursuit, capture or release of love. Stories about romantic, familial or platonic love. Think love of country, of nature, music, sports, humanity, and of course, the greatest love of all, self-love.

"I loved my job/president/donut shop/wife until...."

Stories about the things, people and places that you hold dear and how they make you ache.

Tell us about love hurting, but not just the kind where your heart gets drop-kicked and hog-tied. We also want to hear about the kind of love that hurts because you like it so much, you can't bear the idea of it ending. And the threat of being re-hog-tied and re-drop-kicked scares you so much, you won't go there.

Oh, the agony of deferred love! The misery of good love gone bad! The anguish of one-way love!

Its no accident that romantic infatuation is called a crush. Like a boulder, we say. Like a big-ass boulder.

nightstalker172 38M
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2/14/2006 4:39 pm

missann - Yea thats true....they do go on sale the next day ...but yea you're right I shouldnt I need to stay on my diet.

curious082385 32F
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2/14/2006 11:47 pm

Happy Valentines Day to you babe!
Just letting you know that you are loved and thought about.

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