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1/24/2006 9:31 am

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From games to movies

When I went to the theater the other day..A trailer had caught my eye. Yes it was a video game being made into a movie...but since I keep up on most movie especailly ones based on video games...I have to say this could very well be the best one they've ever made judgeing by the trailer...What is it you ask.....Silent Hill
Now here a list of known video games that have been turn into movies....

Mario Brothers - I remember this one although cheesy I found it mildly entertaining

Street Fighter - All I can say is...WHY?

Mortal Kombat - One of my favorites though I think Goro could have been done better

Mortal Kombat Annihilation - Fight scenes were ok rest of the movie BAD!!!.....actaully the only fight scene worth watching was Sub-Zero and Scorpoin...the rest sucked...

Double Dragon - I know it was made...however I've never seen it..

Alien VS Predator - I beleive the whole thing started as an arcade game...before it became a commic...still it was ok..

Resident Evil - Im a HUGE resident evil fan and I was disappointed that they didnt live up to the gorefest that the game and other zombie movies had.

Resident Evil Apocalyspe - It was better I think plus it had Nemesis in it...which was cool to see...though the fight scenes I think could of used alittle work...Oh and you know the part where she runs down the side of a building...yea...thats looks fake but its not they actaully had a stunt woman run down the side of the building...

House of the Dead - THE WORST MOVIE EVER PERIOD....if you own this on DVD...dispose of it...PLEASE...forget what I said about Battle Field Earth THIS is the worse movie ever...EVER I SAY!!!

Doom - This one was OK...Take out several elements from other scifi horror flicks and put them in one movie and you'll have DOOM...BFG was kinda cool though

BloodRayne - I have not seen it but was told that it was almost House of the dead bad...

Final Fantasy - Almost forgot this one...this one Id have to say was one of the best even though it was all CGI...technicallly it wasnt based on any Final Fantasy game in the series it was its own standalone story...which is probably why it was so much better

Alone in the Dark - its boring couldnt even watch it all the way before falling asleep.

For the life of me I cant think of anymore if anyone else can think of one feel free to post it...

Im betting that Silent Hill will blow these all away but then know how the trailer is always awesome but then the movie turns out to be crap...but I say it cant be any worse than The Ring...

NickRules999 40M
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1/24/2006 1:21 pm

I saw the Double Dragon movie. It sucked. There are a few good points, though. The old arcade machine, believe it or not, made a cameo in the movie, and that cutie pie, Alyssa Milano, is in it, too.

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nightstalker172 38M
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1/26/2006 7:31 pm

Well Alyssa Milano is a good reason to see it...I think Id rather watch her preformance in Embrace of the Vampire

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