Football Groupies (part 5)  

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Football Groupies (part 5)

Well...I had fully recovered from my injury and the doctor said I could play next season if I so desired. I was stoked for next season I was loveing this game. Tryouts went on during summer vacation to see who would make Varsity and who would be on JV. I went to try out and actaully made varsity. Unfortunately before the season started I had to back out. I guess there is goign to be some more backgroud story in this to exsplain the situation as to what happend.

My grandfather was a workaholic he was a pilot in world war II. He flew big cargo planes with supplies, troops, you name it. After world war II he became a commercial airline pilot. He was of course captian. Other things he did. He owned his own boat store which stayed open for about 40 years. He owned several peices of property. A land lord if you will. He also was a volunteer fire marshall. My grandfather did alot of things in his life except give any of his family attention. The only time he ever spoke to you was if you worked for him OR he had a job for you. He never did anything with any of his 14 grandchildren (me included). Unless they did work for him. Same goes for his 5 kids. Or what I like to call "the elders of the family" Well back in 1995 He fell Ill. Not phyiscally Ill mind you but mentally. He became incompetant. So the "elders" of the family had to take over his affairs. That included maintaining the rental properties and running a boat store.

Well anyway here is where I become bitter towards the rest of my exstended family. First we had to fix up one of the houses for my grandfather to stay in. Everyone was against putting him in a mental hospital. So we had a live in nurse that took care of him. Well with all the work that needed to be done. I had no time for friends, football, barely had time for homework. Now why am I bitter you ask? Well we have a HUGE family PLENTY of able bodies to HELP with the work that needed to be done. BUT NOOOOO. Instead it was basically just me and my father. Haveing to go around and fix all the houses. One of his brothers and his brothers son did help with the places that where too far away for us to get to. but that left a majority to me and dad. I had 7 cousins who could have helped who where in the area. and each of them spent about 1 day helping and then that was the last anyone ever heard from them. The moment I got into the car from school I was off to work on a house. Whether it be yard work or plumbing work or whatever. The only thing me and dad didnt do...was put in carpet and tile we didnt have the tools for that at least no tools that would make it easier. So I spent the rest of my highschool years working after school. My senior year is did start to slow down but then I had to make up everything I missed so I still had no time. My senior year 1998 was the year my grandfather past away. I remember being in the hospital when he died. He was brain dead and only machines where keeping him alive. 12 minutes is how long he lasted off the machines. I had never seen nor watched anyone die before. You all may think me heartless but I really didnt have a grandfather at all. In my 18 years of life I never spoke to him 1v1. I hardly knew the man. I thought it was sad that he passed but It didnt really have an impact on me. I had more of a emotional reaction when my dog was put to sleep. I know that sounds mean but thats how it was for me. I saw all his children my aunt and 3 uncles and my father all crying but me I felt bad for them but It didnt really matter to me that he was gone.

After his death this took a turn for the worse as far as family affairs but Im not going to get into that. Anyway back to the subject at hand. Football I had to leave the team for personaly reasons that I only told my coach. My family needed me and I had to be there. When I quit football and word got out. Everyone treated me as if I abandoned them. They didnt even care I exsisted. And Alicia pretty much dumped me. She could be associated with someone who wasnt a football player. Apparently I found out later that she had slept with most of the team already while she was with me so not really a big loss. I really wasnt that attached to her. She was fun and taught me alot sexually but I was surprised it lasted as long as it did. Everyones attitude changed towards me. I was no longer "popular" Most of the ladies wanted nothing to do with me. So I kept to myself most of the time. That was fine I was used to that. allowed me to consentrate on my school work and work after school. But at least when I was falling behind in class my dad would help me out. He would exsplain to the teachers what was going on and I was get alittle leeway with homework which helped out ALOT but not enough. My Sophmore year was slow and grueling. But I did get a new g/f close to the end of it. She was a GEEK to say the least but I liked her. She was extremly shy but Ill tell you something she had the nicest body on her I mean WOW. She could have been a model but no one paid any attention to her because she was a dork. I guess at the time. I looked for a misfit like me. She was a year older than me. I never once got to have sex with her though. Sometimes if dad didnt need me for a day I would get a break and visit her (granted that was RARELY) It took ALONG time for her to trust me. Then she was open to oral sex but nothing else. She didnt like getting naked either I had to coax her. She lived with her mom only. Her mom was SO freaking awesome it wasnt even funny. She sat me down one time and said that I was her daughter's first b/f and that It was ok to have sex as long as I used a condom. She told me where she kept them and she had given them to her daughter. took good to be true right. The irony is she didnt want to (damn you fate) She didnt want to risk getting pregnant and not being able to go to college. She was willing to please me orally and allow me to do the same to her but thats it. We dated for the rest of my sophmor and junior years. At the end of my junior year she broke up with me she had a scholarship and she would be moving out of state to go to college so she felt it best to break up. Which is a shame I was actually likeing her. I liked going and talking to her. Related to how all the other students were idiots and such. But after that I became bitter I didnt want to date ANYONE. I was even asked to the prom HA go figure..but I didnt go and I turned her down. Didnt really know her anyway I think she was a new student. But throughout highschool when I quite football everyone treated me differently I went from their hero so to speek to just another peice of worthless trash. Thus spawned my disdain for people in general. My senior year I was a frantic ant trying to catch up on my credits so I could graduate so I still had no time for a social life. Ah yes and thats also the year that I met a certain freshmen who had caught my eye. Who also became good friends of the family later. but right then I thought she was cute but I kept myself from doing anything. Its not a headache I needed right now. and honesty I was 17 she was 14...that just seemed wrong in my mind. So I never said anything. She actaully came up to me and started talkign to me. but I resisted her charms and kept focused. Had I done things differently who knows. After I left school I really didnt exspect to see her again. but fate would change that as she would visit the house more often because she was friends with the family. But it still amazes me how people turn on a dime when you do follow what the masses want.

And now Im 25 years old I look back on these events and the only good time I had was playing football. The rest was misery. Oh yea and that girl....I made a pass at her YEARS later and got shot down basically...and we have not spoken since....We used to be friend but not anymmore thats all Im going to say about that.

Thus concludes my long winded story about ME
Im not self-centered am I sigh...I talk to much...anyway..hope you enjoyed my misery. Oh yea on another note I did power lift in highschool as well but that only got me attention in the weight room...nothing like it was when I played football. and it was something I could do at school for credit so. Thats the only reason I did it. anyway those who read all this junk thanks for reading . I apologize for shareing my hell with you .


THANK GOD Heres another pic of Katie Fey to make up for it

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