Football Groupies (part 3)  

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Football Groupies (part 3)

The next day. The next day after I had pleasured miss cheerleader. I got ALOT of smiles from the ladies. I had no clue as to why. When lunch came around I went and pick up my food and sat down to eat. All of a sudden Alicias "group" of friends all surrounded me at my table. At first...I thought they might try to sneek a fry or something. So I ate alittle faster. I asked them what they wanted. One said nothing we just heard you are really good at eating and wanted to watch first hand. Now me..I took that as a fat joke ok..I looked at her and said "you shouldnt be talkin I could dip my chips in those cottage cheese thighs of yours" She reared up and said "fuck you, asshole" and walked off. The other two friends started laughing and then finaly one of them said that she had ment that I was good at eating a girl out. I said..."oh"...and kinda blushed. "Who told you that?" "Alicia" they both replied. Its amazing how word of mouth spreads. So after Im done eating I go over to miss big mouth. I ask her again if I could talk to her in private. and her friends started going "oooooo" and all that crap. I took her back behind the cafeteria and ask her what right she had blabbing to everyone what her and I did privately. I was a tad embarrassed. (Ive gotten over that since then)she said "I said only good things" (with a huge grin on her face). Then she tried to buy me off by rubbing crotch. I stopped her and said "I would appreciate it if you would not blab everything we do to the whole school" She of course didnt know the big deal. So I ended up walking away and went to wait outside my next class.

At practice that same day. I got a few "giggles" from the rest of the team. but of course I was pissed and they only fueled my anger with there laughs at my exspense. Then I did something bad. I closelined the QB...Not supposed to hit the QB during practice. but the bastard was the ring leader of all the damn laughs. "Car 54 WTF are you doing? You're not supposed to hit the QB" the coached yelled at me. Then hes like "WTF is your problem today you seem to have it out for everyone" The QB says "oh hes just being a baby because of some rumurs about him going around school" I was about to go at him again but the coach grabbed my face mask and brought my face to his and said "WE ARE HERE TO PLAY FOOTBALL. LEAVE YOUR PERSONAL SHIT OFF THE FIELD. Now what is so god damn aweful going around school that has your panties in a bunch." I said "Id rather not say" Then the QB jumps in and says "Hes Mr. Love lips." I said "SHUT THE FUCK UP" and went after him again but the coach stopped me. The coach says "So what you got caught kissing your g/f or something" The whole damn team started busting out laughing. The QB while laughing said "Yea he was kissing her alright. In ALL the right places." And then he spreads his index and middle finger and holds them up to his mouth and starts licking air (nice hand gesture huh) Coach looks at him and says "THATS ENOUGH, get back on the field and lets get practice going again and no more fucking jokes save it for after practice." he looks at me and say "and YOU better cool it."

The next day I get called into the office to talk to the counceler. Apparently the coach thought I should pay her a visit. So I get to her office and I end up haveing to wait about 10 minutes before she calls me in. She calls me in and closes the door. She tells me to have a seat and the start looking up my records on the computer. She then asks me. "Do you know why you're here?" I said "nope" She goes on "The coach and I are concerned about your after school activities. I just want you to know that you can be honest with me about anything ok" I said "ok" she continues "I understand you have a problem with one of your teamates can you tell me why?" I shook my head no. "I dont have a problem" I said. "Then why did you almost get into a fight with him" she said. I just shrugged. She says "Ive looked at your record, you have a history of fighting with other students" I said "So, they all got what they deserved and it was never unprovoked." She says "So you think its ok to hit people as long as they deserve it?" I said "look Ive done this all before and next you will say that its better to talk to a teacher about it and have the teacher take care of it. The only problem with that is teachers never do anything. Nothing is ever done. So I stand up for myself and defend myself when its needed you have a problem with that then do a better job at getting them to leave me the hell alone." She says "just because some one calls you a name or makes fun of you is no reason to beat them up. I think you have an anger problem and I think you need to seek counceling or a therapist and Im going to have a talk with your parents" I said "fine can I go now" She says "Not just yet there is another issue I need to talk to you about. This is never an easy subject for students to talk about but know that you can be honest and open about it and its completely confidencial" I said "ok" with kind of a weird look on my face.

"I want to talk to you about sex" she says. I froze. I was so uptight and nervous that I didnt know how to react. "Have you had sexual intercourse before?" I said "no" "its ok to answer honestly" I said "NO, NO, NO, Im not comfortable talking about this kind of thing can I please go back to class?" She agreed with parting words "If you want to talk about it you can come see me any time" and she gave me a paphlet about teen pregnancy and abistinence is better type crap. Which in my arrogance put in the trash on the way back to class.

When I was younger sex was a very taboo subject for me. I did not want it leaking to my family that I have been sexually active. My family are devote christians. and even more hardcore about it nowadays then they were back then. Im not religious. I see how each different one wants to fight over whos right when none of them are.

Anyway back to the story. After practice Alicia came up to me and apologized for being a blabber mouth. I of course told her to just leave me alone. I was in a bad mood about the whole situation and seeing her was not helping. I dont know maybe I made too big a deal about it perhaps...when I look on it now I think I did. She askes me if I wanted to go with her back to her place for a bit. I said no I had a ride comeing. She says "oh comeone I'll make it worth your while" "I SAID NO" I snapped back at her. "FINE be an asshole" as she stormed off heading home. I dont think I really should have snapped at her but I dont think when Im angery who does right.

So the next game....To be Continued

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