Alot of virgin talk  

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1/21/2006 12:22 am

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Alot of virgin talk

I was reading the advice lines yesterday and today and found there to be alot of talk about virgins...

Now as my frequent readers know I lost my viginity to another virgin however I have slept with 2 virgins in my entire life her included.

The second virgin was actually my second girlfriend what some would call a "rebound" girl. I know that sounds terrible to say. I was way too young and so was she. This poor girl was shunned by EVERYONE all because she was (at the time a scrub) Her family was very poor and apone meeting her family I understood why...Her father was gone ALL the time..working 2 jobs just to barely get by. The mother...oh the mother was a mess basically the father worked to support his wifes drug and alcohole habit.

Anyway she had very few friends and actually if you where to see her its not like she was ugly. She was actually very cute. Now I admit her and I got together simply because we where both hurt I think...Her simply being lonely all the time and me well..I had just had the love of my life just ditch me ( I know I was young but at the time thats how it felt to me) you can imagine I wasnt all that happy either.

I got alot of bullsh*t for dateing her to..everyone made fun of me claiming I would get rabies or some sh*t like that. That didnt stop me. If she left you in she was actually a very nice and sweet person. But you had to earn her trust first.

Anyway one day I went to her house. Her mom was passed out again on the couch with a few empty beer cans on the floor. Her place was always a mess too. The mom didnt do anything but vegetate infront of the TV while high or drunk or both. When I first met her she didnt even care who I was she basically just told us to go away and play. Anyway back to the story. We went to her room to do some "homework" We typically ended up makeing out. Now we had been together for a month. and apparently according to her I was the first "boyfriend" she had ever had. That didnt really matter to me. I was looking for another sex partner to fill the void that I had when my first left me.

So we start kissing and I start slowly unbuttoning her jeans. You know so I could slip my hand down there and do alittle finger work. She stopped me and told me to back off. Which she had every right to I simply thought its what she wanted. Well I ended up haveing to go home. The next day at school she kind of avoided me. So then I caught up to her finaly and asked her why she was avoiding me. She told me that she would talk to me about it after school. So after school I went home and dropped off my stuff. Her place was about half a mile away from mine so I headed there. I knocked on the door to she if she was home. Her father opened the door. See funny thing is we hadnt been introduced oh funny how that is aye . So I asked if his daughter was home we were supposed to go over some homework together. He said no she hadnt come home yet. So I ask him to have her give me a call and I went home.

Ah the next day. She said she was sorry to avoid me yesterday and that she was out with her friend. She said she would talk to me at lunch.
So lunch time came around and we sat down and where pretty quite at first. Finaly I spoke up. I said "Are you ok you've been acting differnt towards me ever since the other day" She said "Can we talk about it later please" So I was like fine whatever you say. So then I started avoiding her the rest of the day. At home after school she called me and invited me over. I told her I was kinda busy maybe some other time. She insisted she REALLY needed to talk to me about the other day. So I said fine Ill be over in about an hour. (you damn skippy I was makeing her wait it doesnt take me no hour to get there. and I made her wait 2..I was alittle peeved) So anyway I got there and she let me in and her mom was passed out again and her dad was gone thankfully.

She FINALY exsplained to me why she freaked out when I tried to slide my hand down to her "specail place" She was a virgin and shes never been touched like that. She asked me if I had ever done it and I said yes. ALOT but only with one person (its true my first and I did it like rabbits)...So she askes me if it really feels as good and people say. I looked at her and said its better forget what people say Its WAY BETTER. So I asked her if she would like me to show her? I pulled out of my wallet a couple condoms and told her that its up to her. If shes not really ready then I wasnt going to pressure her and that she could say stop at any time and I would. Now I was alot more experienced then she was but in retrospect I was a novice then compared to what Ive learned over the years. So I walked over to her and continued where I left off and I unbottoned her pants and she had her arms folded over her chest like she wasnt sure if she wanted to do this or not. I then began to massage her outer lips very gently and she would squeeze her legs together. She let out alittle squeek (I LOVE SQUEEKERS) So then I probed alittle deeper with my one finger until I found that nice sweet clit of hers...and I start rubbing it really slowly at first. She grabbed on to me and buried her face in my chest and I started to go faster...and she started squeeking and moaning and her breathing was getting extremely heavly. She then did something that kind of shocked me...I made her cum HARD and she bit me on the shoulder...It kinda hurt but I didnt complain. So then I layed her down on the bed. and let her catch her breath. She was very well I finished takeing her pants off and mine...I put the condom on and rubbed it along her delicate get some lube on the condom before I entered her. (she had plenty to go around)So then I slowly enter her and she gets this look of surprise on her face...and says OUCH...that hurts. I asked her if she wanted me to stop...she said no its ok keep going just be gentle. So I was and about 2 minutes later I was done...(It had been awhile for me alright...I was backed up) so we layed there in her bed and she asked me...Is that how long it always lasts....I said pretty much (to my knowledge at the time but I was a fast recahrger)...Then she asked me if it would hurt for her everytime. I said no the first couple of times might but after that it gets ALOT better...

I typed way to much now Ill finish the story later..Ill tell you how and why things ended between her and I...and it wasnt pretty..

rm_DarknStar 55F
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1/21/2006 7:13 am

Dang it!! You got me to the edge of my chair!....and stopped!

Ill be back to catch the rest of the story!...*wink*

rm_cockmerollme 46F
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1/24/2006 5:16 am

Who is having sex at 14?
Don't you guys have anything better to do?
Wow, 14......that is really really young......


nightstalker172 37M
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1/24/2006 8:42 am

Cockmerollme - Well not as common then when I was in middle school but it very common now a days...and in actaullity I kinda wish I waited....I actaully lost mine at 13...which isnt a good idea...but I was young and horny all the time...thinking went out the window

rm_cockmerollme 46F
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1/25/2006 1:23 am

Holy Christ! 13? That's fucked up.

Yea birth control!!
If I had a kid, sex wouldn't even be on the radar..unless it's self taugh.

Yea masturbation!!!
( And you can call me K--cockmerollme is so formal, you know?)


nightstalker172 37M
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1/25/2006 2:18 am

Cock - yea it is...but I lost it to a girl of the same age...and whom at the time despite my age I loved dearly...puppy love?...perhaps..but love knows no age....anyway...My neice was telling me (shes 15) that alot of her friends have already had sex by the time they hit 7th and 8th grade...thankfully my niece is smarter than that...people start haveing sex when the urge hits them nowadays...and they end up makeing bad choices...or haveing kids WAY to soon...but I at least used a condom...

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