Alone in the Dark  

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9/29/2005 6:20 am

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Alone in the Dark

"I should be getting home its already past midnight" she says to herself. As she walks out into the darkness with only the illumination from the moonlight to guide her steps. A cold breeze flows through her dark silky hair that causes goose bumps to raise all over her silky smooth skin. It chills her to her very spine. All alone with no one to keep her warm and safe. The leafs russle from the breeze of the wind blowing dead leafs across the narrow trail that she follows home every night. Tonight seems different shes never been out this late before. Suddenly like an eary calm before a storm the wind stops. Clouds form over the moon as if to strangle the life out of what little light she had left.

She can feel her heart start to pound. She thinks to herself "What is this dire feeling within the bowls of my being." "There is nothing to fear Ive walked this trail a hundred times." Suddenly she hears a whisper in her ear. "Jessica" says the voice. With a loud shrek of terror she turns around to see who called out to her but no one was to be seen. She begins to up the pace down the trail. Heart pounding as the fear runs through her veins. She vears off the trail to hide. She hears the voice again "Jessica". She exclaims "Whoever you are this isnt funny show yourself!" "Im right here, Jessica" says the voice. She spins around to see who the voice was. A tall robed figure towers over her. Nothing of a face can be made out its too dark. Nothing except two glowing eyes that glow like a cats would in the darkness. "What do you want?" says Jessica. The figure says "It is your time my dear. You tried your hardest to evade me but in the end everyone runs out of time." "What if I dont want to go!?" exclaims Jessica. With the look of terror in her eyes. "There is no where you can go. Look!" the figure says pointing its skeletal finger as it pretrudes from his black cloak. Jessica turns and to her horror she sees herself laying in the moonlight. The trickle of blood on her throat glistening in the light. Her dark silky hair soaking in a pool of blood, her soft smooth skin broken and bruised. Her eyes wide open gazing at the sky. Jessica says "This cant be happening. If Im there and Im dead then that means." "Yes my dear." the figure says. "I am death and Im hear to collect"

goddessofbitches 42M/34F

9/29/2005 11:17 am

Now THAT'S getting into the HALLOWEEN SPIRIT!!! LOL

Actually...I have had my own encounter with death...but I annoyed him so much he put me back. And here I am...


Always The Bitch

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9/30/2005 6:32 am

My favorite Holiday ...yea my cousin usally has a halloween party so Im thinking of either dressing as the reaper (I have a real scyth BTW) Or Jason Voorhees..Im leaning towards Jason but I dont know...I have the grungy overalls but I need a machette....and a mask...

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