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5/15/2006 1:37 am

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I have to admit I have an addiction...a weak spot...It is a hard addiction to stop because you cant stop...if you do you will die.

Quiting alcohol or cigarettes even is easier than my addiction. My addiction is a neccesary evil...and evil that is hard resist even with all the will power in the world....what is this addiction you ask?...drugs...HA no...its worse its FAR worse on your health than crack. Something so horrible should be illegal you would think...but even little kids can get it and no one is the wiser. Parents will even GIVE IT to their children and not realize the potential damage if not kept in check.

This drug that Im talking about. McDonalds French Fries. Now I havent had Mcdonalds in a LONG ass time...when I sunk my teeth into a french fry it was almost like...being reunited with a long lost lover....sad isnt it....This weekend has been worse than the last time I cheated badly on my diet...I had cake two days in a row...and HUGE ass prime rib...We went to black angus...I ended up finishing my neice's Prime Rib too...I had a hunger for rare meat what can I say...but the fries I had today with a burger and a SODA...bad stalker BAD!!!....I think I need to do what Ben Stiller did in dodgeball...shock myself whenever I want to eat one of their fries...

I had a conversation with my mom one time. Now my grandmother once told my mother that if she cooked better food my dad wouldnt be overweight. My mom replied by saying that she didnt control what he put in his mouth. Whenever she would try to eat healthier Dad would never touch it and end up going out to a burger place. But lets be truthful here ok my mom loved the same food...she lives off southern cooking. If its fried its good to eat. But think about it...whos really at fault? The druggy who does the drugs? or the dealer who knows they are bad for you but makes them easily available for you to purchase? OR my dad for not eating better or my mother for makeing only garbage to eat available?...perhaps both? There comes a point however when a drug addict cant help it. They become so dependant on that drug that they will do anything for their next fix (trust me I know what Im talking about I lived with one for serveral years..unpleasant years)

So it makes me think about food. Specifically Carbs in food. Now their are many different type of carbs but lets go with the bad kind shall we. The sugar. Your body uses carbs as a fuel source to keep you alive it is the simplest form of energy because it takes less time for your body to break it down. Protien takes the longest. Fats are a bit in the middle. Now Anyone who knows what Ketosis is might know what Im talking about...anyone heard of the atkins diet. Im sure you have. Ketosis is what the Atkins diets wants you to put your body in. In order to burn fat. Essentialy you are starving your body of the simplest form of energy...carbs. It actaully has phyiscal affects on you. You become sluggish and even go into a state of withdrawl. Because your body is used to working extra to process protiens and fats its used to carbs and being the easy fuel to use. I can attest to this because I tried it. You literally feel like a crack addict who needs a fix you get figgity and even break out into sweats when you starve yourself of something your body needs and is used to..even something as simple as a peice of bread.

This is why its so hard for overweight people to diet and keep weight off....when you quit drinking you can quit and not drink again because alcohol isnt something your body NEEDS to survive. But food is and when a fat person has gotten skinny and has a relasp they get fat again often gaining more weight then they were before...I think this is why its so hard to lose weight....because people dont treat it like it addiction......

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5/15/2006 2:28 am

No doubt ...
Fresh french fries taste so good.

But, if you buy the fries & keep them for 3 to 4 hours & then eat them, you will not like it.
Repeat this for a few times, may be you are able to get rid of this addiction

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5/15/2006 1:54 pm

*drool* Mmmmm... McFries.... *DROOL* nice and hot and salty... *WHIIIIIIINEW I waaaaaaaaaant!

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5/15/2006 5:36 pm

I haven't had McDonald's in a long time. But I try to stick with Subway. But, damn, the temptation of a burger. Still, when lunchtime rolls around, I try to eat at home. I'm more concerned about my wallet right now. LOL

But once in a while, I'll grab a burger.

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5/15/2006 7:32 pm

I've been addicted to them since high school.
I try to eat one only once every two weeks. Absolutely no more than once a week. But ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy
It's a severe addiction.
I don't even wanna know how many billions of calories are in those things. Or how much trans fat. Ugh.

Diets don't work. Plain and simple. Try to eat sensibly, if you over-eat one day, be good for the next few days. Try to make healthy choices in place of not-so-healthy ones wherever possible. Keep eating the McRaunchy's but make it a TREAT no more than once a week, or wait even longer if you can. Denying yourself the food you love will onnly make you binge on them later.

The thing that is always going to be more important than diet: EXERCISE! If you're gonna eat the carbs, you gotta work them off.

Now, I must go practice what I preach...
Hippie XXX

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5/15/2006 9:15 pm

You are indeed right it is an addiction the body is a thing of habit and it becomes a phsyical craving. Like hippie said maybe you shouldn't completely cut out what you eat instead portion it off and worry more about the exercise.

I have seen atkins work for some people and others it just tore their bodies and sanity to shreds. I suppose it depends on everyones personal physiology.

I think when I get older and metabolism slows down I will start paying for the way I eat. Not that I eat much fries I'm a big pasta and rice eater though. I eat like a pig as well though I can also go without much for a while so its not as much an addiction for me as an indulgence.


nightstalker172 38M
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5/16/2006 12:35 am

Zahuma - Tried that..didnt work

LS - A protein girl huh only meat for you and crumbs all over your shirt sound like me and it always happens after you change your clothes its like..I cant stand to have clothes with no food on them...I must dribble some out of my mouth to make everything right with the universe again ..

PK - GET YOUR OWN....I dont share...reach for my food and you will pull back a stub

Nick - eating at home is better for you anyway...though...I dont see how Subway is cheaper than least not around here..its almost 8 bucks for a 12 inch sub with chips and a drink and its about 7 if you get a double quarter pounder with cheese meal and McDonalds super size anyway...if you dont supersize then its 6.50 of so..WAY cheaper to go to the store and make your own bugers and fries.

hippie - *shudders* chicken...I dont mind the nuggets but the sandwhich is gross PLAH...and I could give you the calorie value of just a large fries 600 cals...thats just wrong man...thats JUST the fries mind you that doesnt could whatever burger you get.

Flagg - Italian is the one kind of food in the world that I could NEVER cut out...I could live without the fries but not my italian food..its why Im fat...cursed pasta...I hate..yet...I cant stay mad at you

popmuse01 36F

5/16/2006 3:19 pm

I'm agreeing with Hippie on this one, though I do have my 2 cents to put in

As a fellow weight loss attemptie, I've found that eating smaller portions more tend to make up for the 3 large meals a day thing. I also count calories and carbs now. I eat bread a few times a week, have now cut my pop intake down to 3 a day Sweets are once a week, sometimes 2 if it's been a shitty week. (it's going that way so far)

Though I have found that I'm addicted to Wheat Thins Toasted Chips Veggie variety...and they are freaking popular lol.

And as for McDonalds...well the last 2 times I've eaten there I've gotten food poisioning. As for the fries? blah...I'll take BK fries anyday...they use veggie oil instead of regular oil.

I'm leaving the site end of March. To those who want to keep in touch, see blog for details.

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5/18/2006 6:05 pm


Now being a fellow lifter, you know damn well that fast food is a no-go.

Esp french fries.

Those things are fried in trans-fatty acids which are the worst thing you can do to your arteries.

You'd be better off eating Italian food if you need a vice.

Stay away from those french fries from McD's.

You know better.


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