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6/28/2006 11:29 pm

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A Playaz Guide

I decided to cruise the advice lines this evening. I came across a few posts that perked my interest.

1. Advice for Guys: Meeting women on AFF 101
2. Advice for Guys: Meeting women on Adult FriendFinder 102
3. Advice for Guys: Meeting women on Adult FriendFinder 103

Now I posted my own response in the AL and its pending approval...but Ill post it here as to my whole opinion on the immortal battle between men and women...this will be a long post so...forgive me please

Here is it

Advice for guys: out of the darkness and into the light
I havent written on the advice lines in a LONG time...but as of late there has been a Advice for guys line going around that caught my interest. I just could not pass up the opertunity to comment in my own post.

OK first of all the advice this guy is giveing is from what I can tell almost plagerized from a man by the name of David DeAngelo. I believe in the comments someone mentioned that. BUT the advice and I hate to say it is actaully sound in some ways.

Now I can hear all the women out there hissing at me right now lol. But its true in some ways. What this advice teaches men is how to manipulate a woman's emotions. Which is the key to get a woman in bed. Now these techniques are used by men who both want to get that girl of his dreams OR just a girl for the night. Is this system 100% effective...no...nothing is and it doesnt need to be. Are there women out there who are older and a bit more wise to this. Yes there is...will this system still work on you. With alittle tweeking yes it will. whether you realize it or not.

Now I know you ladies think Im a bastard and all for agreeing with him in some ways BUT honestly...whos really to blaim? Women for the most part are ruled by their emotions...they dont THINK they like a guy they FEEL they like a guy...and this is why men and women have such a conflict in communication...men THINK women FEEL (Im not saying women are dumb or stupid) Men are ruled by logic and women are ruled by emotion...What this system teaches is how to bridge that gap...In all truth it doesnt matter what age a woman is or a man...this system still exists at a basic level. As your deal with more mature people the system matures and hopefully you wont be a cocky dope...

Any man out there who has gotten a woman has either used these techniques on purpose or simply by accident...When a woman asks what you do for a liveing and you respond with a joke answer. That makes you fun but also keeps women wondering...its not hiding its misdirecting. He will tell you his true job when he is ready which could be moments after said joke or it could be the 3rd date...well why would a MAN keep his job a secret? Golddiggers DUH! Is he a doctor or rich lawyer...how many ladies would get wet just by mentioning that...IM not saying ALL ladies but alot would a man has to make sure his prospect isnt "one of those"

Now I have seen women say they want it all...charm, confidence, looks, humor, mystery. but unless a man follows this system or at least at its basic level none of you ladies will ever get "everything" you want...This is also a good way to get a woman in bed and then ditch her...like it or not it happens more often than not...and that is sad...but its also how a man is going to have any chance to find a mate...

Now ladies...the reason why you dont understand why a man does this is really simple....LOGIC...this is a LOGICAL approach to romancing a woman...and this is why women dont understand it and immediatly hate and dismiss it....but remember MEN...There is a difference between being a PLAYER and being a desent human being...and remembering that women are HUMAN as well and shouldnt be treated like garbage once you have accomplished your goal whatever that may be. If you are going to just USE a woman for sex she should atleast be in on it...so that she can decide tricking her just to get what YOU want is dishonorable and if you have any PRIDE in yoruself you will at least try to be a good person to those you bed. Whether is be one night OR the rest of your life....

I shall now go back to my crypt and wait for another post that awakens me PEACE

Now before you go all gun ho on me I will say this...I DO NOT agree in useing these techniques on women JUST to get sex. I think that is wrong...anything that might lead to hurting someone else is WRONG...PERIOD...but I do agree in helping men learn to romance a woman or a prospective mate for a short term or long term relationship. To not be as most put it...a DOORMAT or "nice guy" but to be a good person with enough confidence to attract a woman...and lets face it no confidence no ladies period...forget movies which showcase the socailly inept getting the hot chick...that is about as likely as winning the lotto...Im not saying its not possible..but its not likely...I detest playaz....but their methods are what works...and its sad....

cuteNEway 42F

6/29/2006 6:23 am

Sadly I have recently fallen prey to a romancer. At this point I don't know if he meant it all or if I was just a temporary diversion for him. I guess, as the cliche says, time will tell.

tee >>sigh<< hee

MissAnnThrope 57F
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6/29/2006 9:48 am

Dude, I just read all three of his advice line posts. You might want to take a look at what I told him in the last one. This is a guy who makes love to his hand, not anyone real, unless he's paying under $40 for that date to fuck a crack whore.

These techniques won't work on a woman who has a brain in her head or an ounce of self confidence. Don't tell a woman what you do for a living? Yeah, we love liars. It has nothing to do with golddigging, WTF is it with you guys and thinking a woman who wants a traditional role of housewife and mother is a golddigger? The men who think that the most want their women to hold full time jobs and do all the housework and cooking and make sure their shirts are ironed. These men are going to die old, lonely and bitter.

His system says treat girls like shit and they'll flock to you. Real women won't flock to you, only the empty headed types with more issues than Woody Allen. Psychos fall for this make her feel less like a person than she really is. Needy whiny chicks fall for this.

If you want to pick up chicks, buy her the drinks. Pay her the compliments. Take her on a real date. Don't follow this guy's advice on how to be a raging bastard. I mean, come on. This guy thinks it's 1985 and a cell phone to your ear constantly is going to impress women with how important you are. Ignore us on a date like that and you're going to spend the night making love to your right hand.

Oh, your doormat comment? He says treat women like doormats and they'll come flocking. One day, I've got to explain to you the difference between a nice guy and a doormat with issues.

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7/13/2006 10:28 am

I think this whole issue is convoluted to say the least.

I am not a nice guy.

Some people label me the "badboy".

I don't necessarily agree...

I am very straight up with people.

If a woman gets to know me, she'll see another side to me, one that most people never see.

Other than that, I'm pretty ambivalent.

If I just wanted sex, I would be open about that as there are women who want the same thing.

I don't need to play games, use strategy or run game.

I'm above all that.

The type of women I am attracted to don't fall for that type of shit anyway.

I figure, what ever happened to being honest with what you want?

As a man if all you want is sex, just be open and upfront about it and you will have alot more success than if you try to play with a woman's emotions.

It's amazing the lengths people will go to for sex.

It's not that big a deal.....

Working in a gym, I am offered sex all the time in various forms.

I'm about a relationship, that is where you have the best sex.


"My every move is a calculated step, to bring me closer to embrace an early death." -Tupac Shakur

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