Golf anyone?  

nightscapes6 58F
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7/21/2006 4:32 am

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7/22/2006 1:44 pm

Golf anyone?

I've been watching the early rounds of the British Open (and just caught Tiger Woods amazing 2nd shot at the 14th I think it was) and am finding it surprisingly compelling.

Is it too late in life to learn? Anyone want to caddy? After all, I live within a tee shot (or two) of a private course. I used to completely dismiss the game as ridiculous, but it's certainly more my pace than tennis.

rm_Spannkey 57M
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7/21/2006 7:34 am

i'll play if i get to drive the cart n wear tartan pants,,,

tony127 57M  
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7/21/2006 10:43 pm

Hmmm, methinks you have a bit of a thing for tiger woods....but as to your questions it too late to learn to play golf? No, its never too late to learn anything. All it takes is a genuine desire and a commitment to learn. But do I have to wear a jumpsuit if I caddy? I have this fear that people will think I'm on a work release program and keep taking me down to the highway to pick up paper.......

HeardLankaMalls 56M
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7/22/2006 6:44 am

It's never too late to learn Night. Try a few lessons at a driving range though, or try the par 3 courses like in Mt Freedom (on Sussex Tpk) or East Hanover (Rt 10) first. They can give you the feel of playing, without the expense or time of a full game.

I'll Caddy too!
Or at least play a round or two and share anything I know
I'll even stand behind you and help you line up your shot

tjinsoutheastpa1 54M
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7/22/2006 7:29 am

It's never to late, and I'd be glad to carry your bag. Just let me know when your ready!

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