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nightnsa 49M  
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7/19/2006 6:41 am

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8/6/2006 8:59 am

actually meet

does anyone on here actually meet in person...I read alot of blogs and every talks and complains about not meeting anyone, and complains how horny they are but most of it just seems like talk...just curious how others saw this...

luvlee_j1 47F

7/19/2006 8:29 am

Well night...i have made some very luvlee friends here over the years...and yes we've met! But there are a lot of people who seem to be more curious than anything. Being a bi woman..i've found women tend to be a little less trusting when it comes to meeting with someone. And that i understand. But there are groups here that actually get together for a "Meet & Greet". That will give you a chance to talk and get to know people, and vise-versa. So hang in there (no punn intended), and something might work for you.

nightnsa 49M  
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7/23/2006 7:57 am

thanks for the input

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