i just don't blog like i used to (some ramblin for you)  

nightman448 47M
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8/8/2006 10:12 am
i just don't blog like i used to (some ramblin for you)

i think you can call it either not having anything to say or just being too busy. somehow, I just haven't found the time or anything to write about. My "free time" schedule has been basically the same, but work has been a little busier. I find myself going less and less to the blog section here on AdultFriendFinder. Sometimes my focus on things changes and what was fun to do one day seems to fade away the next. For example, at one point I was into making videos (not the bad ones, except for maybe one or two), then it was burning CD's, then it was drawing, then poetry or at least attempting those things. A friend of mine who I thought at one time might be "the one" has moved away, so right now I am at a loss for having any signs of a would-be girlfriend. Although we only did stuff ocassionally like dinner and a movie, that is still something I will miss. We could reallyonly do stuff when both our schedules worked out, so that was not much.So now I have that part of my life I need to try and fill. I don't know if that will mean more blogging or not. I guess it will be whatever I feel like doing. The girlfriend search continues and I am thinking it needs to be someone closeby that I can see every day or most everyday because I think that would be the only way to keep the relationship going steadlily.I am so bad at staying in touch, that I think i do need some closeness in the physical and proximity sense.

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