How do you rank?  

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7/21/2006 6:40 pm

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How do you rank?

The following are some things I would put together if I were to create myself a woman. Of course, and sadly, I can't do this. These would be my top choices of some attributes I would like to see in a woman listed in order of preference. These are not set in stone because if I did find a woman I will love her no matter what. Remember I like all these attributes if you are not included in a category it doesn't mean I wouldn't like you.

1. Hair color
a. Red
b. Blonde
c. Brunette

2. Hair Style (upstairs)
a. curly
b. long and straight
c. shoulder length

3. Hair Style (downstairs)
a. trimmed
b. shaven
c. bushy

4. Height
a. 5"0 to 5"4
b. 5"5 to 5"9
c. 5"10 and up

5. Eye Color
a. blue
b. light blue
c. green
d. brown

6. Skin
a. light skinned
b. tan or darker complected

7. Bust size
a. medium sized perky
b. big and bountiful
c. smaller but visible (grabbable)

8. Sexual experience
a. at least some experience
b. virgin
c. totally slutty

9. Smoking
a.non smoker
b. does not smoke when I'm around

a. drinks a little but not excessive
b. non drinker

11. Religion
a. believes in God and goes to church
b. goes to church but has a wild side
c. has abandoned all things holy

12. Education
a. at least some college
b. has a college degree
c. barely escaped high school

13. Age
a. 25-30
b. 18-24
c. 30 and up

Well these are just a few. If you want to know about or add some more choices let me know. I am keeping all options and windows of opportunity opened and I really want people to participate in this blog.

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7/21/2006 10:20 pm body type preference?


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