All the good ones are taken.... by other women  

nightman448 48M
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5/15/2006 1:15 am
All the good ones are taken.... by other women

I am so freaking frustrated. There is this girl that I have gotten to know and really like over the years. I know that she has several friends that are confirmed bi-sexuals and lesbians. But, all this time, I have never really imagined her in that light. Recently she had "broken up" with one of her friends, and I was thinking maybe that would end her desire to be with a woman, and possibly clear some room for me. It really hurt her to not have this chick as her friend and she was considering going back to her. I tried to convince her that she could do better, and she needed to look for a man. If anything, she should give it some time. I was hoping by some miracle that she might desire to be with someone like me. But... I believe she made a hasty decision to go back to this lesbian, and I believe it was totally the wrong decision. Maybe it's just my jealousy talking here, but I think she made a stupid decision. Maybe this too will pass and she may realize she should get with someone like me.

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