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7/25/2005 11:25 am

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12/23/2007 1:25 pm


What do you think about that! Didn't know it was possible. I mean it's about 12 to 1 ratio guys to girls. Didn't know I would be getting any love. So, raise a beer...hahahha I got a wink!

Alright so what's on today's topic list....hmmmm...let's talk about attitude. That's the real key isn't it? Honestly, as guys we think about girls dressed in sexy lingerie and get those erotic shivers running through our body.(well I do...I'll assume other guys do to!) But it's not really the lingerie is it? It's the attitude of the wearer, the confidence in the women's eyes. Her body language that kick starts our sex drive. VROOOMMM!!!! Hahahaha, that's how I feel. All the women in the victoria secret catalog are sexy because they have that chrisma, body language. (yes they are very good looking but imagine those same models with their shoulders slouched, and head down with a frown and they woudn't be that attractive)

So what I'm getting at is that attitude is the key to becoming the sexual creature you desire to be. Of course this is only my take, it's what I find most attractive. I love a wicked playful smile...to see a woman completely energized by being turned on and embracing those feelings (even though she knows she shouldn't....society frowns on naughty girls doesn't it, but that is a topic for another day)

I guess that's why I wrote the erotic story in the last blog. I like the ladies of the night, they know exactly what they want. They have confidence, chrisma, playfulness. They know exactly what they want out of sex and aren't afraid to go after their desires.

Also that's why I viewed them as comic book characters, this is their alter ego. Just like Clark Kent/Superman, or Peter Parker/Spiderman. I like the idea of individuals being well behaved in society....but at night, the alter ego is unleashed. What ever that alter ego is....that is for you to decide. Alright, till tomorrow.
Later on!! and have a great day!

Di47Him51 64M/60F
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7/28/2005 8:02 pm

Yes indeed, attitude.
I have found, in my own personal journey, that the most erogenous zone of all is actually between our ears.
And there we find confidence, attitude and charisma.

nightlight702 40M

7/29/2005 4:24 am

very true, the mind is the most powerful of all the erogenous zones. I agree 100 percent!

onesweettxcutie 55F
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11/16/2007 12:40 pm

You have to intrigue the mind, not just the body.....that make for a most intense feeling..on all levels.
Glad you got a wink! lol
If I could, I'd wink at you as well.
You are rare, I will tell you that.
You seem like you would be a great person to know, in all ways.

nightlight702 replies on 11/18/2007 2:57 pm:
Thank you, did you delete your profile? I try and get on but it's been taken off the system.

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