An erotic story for the viewers of this blog....  

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7/24/2005 9:52 am

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An erotic story for the viewers of this blog....

Tomorrow I'll jump back into talking about this site....

Today I'm going to show you an erotic story I wrote maybe a year ago (and the only one I've done). Though I do have notes for another erotic adventure, I just haven't sat down and created the adventure yet....but that is for another time.

This story I titled "Ladies of the Night" It's a comic book style erotic story. I wrote the story with women in mind. I wanted to see if I could ignite a female readers imagination. So the protagonist in this story is YOU the reader. Instead of the protagonist turning into a hero, she is slowly turned into an anti-hero (a lady of the night, those who bring lust and dark desire into the hearts of their victims) The story has elements of light bondage, f/f teasing, f/m sex, it's mostly a journey of the protagonist losing over to the power of lust. The story does get a little naughty at the end but I tried not to go overboard. Hope you like it....

(I hope you don't mind an erotic story, if you do, please don't read any further...)

Last chance, turn around , don't give into temptation...

Naughty, naughty... I tried to get you to stop reading. Nice girls don't read erotic stories. You know this story is about sex, but it's these types of stories that make your heart pound. It's ok, no one is around. Relax, read and enjoy...

You are standing in the middle of a room, tied up by ropes hanging from the ceiling. Silk bands are tied around your wrists. Your feet have been secured on the floor. The only clothing you wear are a pair of white panties. A shadow reflects off the wall in front of you. The owner of that shadow is approaching from behind. Your heart begins to race. Resisting for a few seconds; you no longer can stand the creeping fear approaching you. Quickly turning your head, you see your would be attacker. The owner of the shadow is a very vigorous man. The Armani suit he is wearing beautifully accents his broad shoulders. You could feel the dynamism and intensity he brought with him. Those feelings are enough to make you scream, if it wasn't for his eyes. They are enchanting and disarming. One glimpse of his radiant blue eyes almost erases all fears. You turn your head away from the man and close your eyes. You concentrate on his footsteps and you hear them stop right in front of you. Opening your eyes, the intensity of his gaze hits you. He smiles and pulls out a feather from his coat pocket. He begins to trace the feather slowly across your body. You resist.

You tell him your a nice girl and you don't do these type of things. You believe in love. In your heart, you believe love is the one true emotion. It is why you have never been attracted to the color black. He continues to slowly trace the feather across your body. You tell yourself you will not give in, but the feather continues to glide just under your breast,down across the small of your back. Your nipples are becoming hard and your breathing is getting deep. You feel ashamed because your body is starting to enjoy the treatment. You have a very powerful inner voice. It is your greatest weapon. The good girl inside you has always been right. She has never lied to you. She stands in your mind as an angel in white. Her voice has always been your guide and that voice is now telling you how wrong this is. You again to tell him to stop. He gives you a wicked smile and continues to dance the feather softly across your neck, down past your breast, and stops right at your panty line. You gasp for air as he removes the feather. The man places the feather back in his pocket, and walks off. You can't get over how mighty and forceful he looked, yet he touched you so gentle. How could someone you didn't know touch you like that. You hear his footsteps and see the shadow in front of you getting smaller. He is gone, but he has done his job. He has ignited a growing need in your body. One the morally sound mind of yours has never felt. He has left you with questions.

Before you can gather your thoughts and compose yourself,you begin to hear a slow erotic beat pulsating through the speakers in the room. The lights dim and two beautiful women leisurely, rhythmically walk towards you. Their hips sway in unison with the erotic beats of the music dancing in the air. Straining, you pull to break the ropes that hold you but it's of no use. The ladies of the night are approaching. You have heard of them before. They are mythical creatures. The exact opposite of cupid. Instead of satisfying your heart with love, they fill your mind with lust. They blacken your heart with dark fantasies. In the stories you read as a child, they where supposed to be 4 women. In front of you there are only two. They wear black lingerie of silk, nylon, and lace. The color you despise the most is coming right at you, yet it's so hard not to stare at the black fabric glistening in the light. There is something so enticing. The women stop in front of you and whisper in your ear, "Relax. Don't fight us, it feels so good when you don't fight. Let us be your guides". Their voices are so pleasing to the ear. They whisper their words with sweet musical inflections. The women start teasing your body with soft kisses and light touches. The sensations are enough to make the hair on your skin stand up. You feel flush. The slow burn ignited within your body is starting to rise, it's growing hotter. If you don't do something soon, your not sure if you can extinguish it.

Again you try to escape, but the twisting and turning get you nowhere. The ropes are tied to securely. One of the women slowly starts to lick the tip of your nipples. The other ignites the pur of a small pink vibrator and slowly traces it across the outline of your panties. You try to be a good girl and resist but your body is trembling. The buzz of the vibrator is so close. The Angelic voice inside your head is screaming out, "Resist!", but a new voice has also entered into your mind. It's a very naughty voice and she's so easy to listen to. The erotic music is slowly taking hold of you. You want to resist but the music sounds so good, so inviting. Giving in would be so easy. "NO!!!", the Angelic voice yells out. You gather yourself for one last fight.

As the women continue to teas you, one softly, harmonically sings in your ear, "Don't listen to the good voice inside you. She has always lied. You will see. Being good is so hard. Tonight we're going to teach you what the opposite of love is. Your going to become a slut. Your going to become... just like us. A slave to sex." You try to scream out "NO", but it exits your mouth as a soft whisper of the word "Yes!" The women laugh at your response. The laugh sends a fervent thrill from your mind straight into your nether regions. You know love is right but carnal lust is starting to sound so good . Your body is starting to betray you, and your mind is slowly going with it.

The music grows louder and the beat becomes more erotic. Your body sways slowly with the pulsation. A smile begins to form on your mouth. The women continue to trace the vibrator around your panties, sweat is rolling off your forehead, your concentration is starting to fade. Rhythmically you move your hips in hopes to catch the tip of the vibrator on your now hardened clit. As the women continue to tease you, they start to giggle and you can't help but giggle with them. Love never made you feel like this.

All three of you are now dancing to the erotic beats washing over your body. Oh God what's happening to you. Then you hear the words that send you over the edge. In your left ear your hear one of the women whisper, "Are you ready to get fucked?" Your mouth starts to water. Your eyes have glazed over. Before you can answer, another two women walk into the room with the guy of your dreams. It's the other two women of myth, the final two ladies of the night. You watch as they lay the captured man against the floor and tie him down. You try to concentrate on the man, but the only thoughts you have are on that teasing vibrator and how close it is to giving you your sexual release. Suddenly the vibrator stops. The women untie you. Your free to run, but you don't.

The good girl screams inside your mind, "What are you doing? Don't give into this wanton sensuous carnal lust." You try to listen but you can't. Your guides are so be-witching, so seductive. You can't fight anymore. You allow each woman to grab one of your arms and guide you to the man tied up on the floor. They stop just in front of him. Your standing just above his face. His eyes are blindfolded. The women slowly slide your white panties off, you feel a cool wind hit your womanhood and it gives you shivers. A wicked giggle escapes your mouth. This is all so new to you, so risque.

The women again whisper in your ear. Their voices sing through your mind and you concentrate on every last delicious note, "This man has been naughty and must be punished". The women giggle and slowly guide you down on his face. You close your eyes in anticipation. You feel yourself going lower and lower... Squatting just above the man's face... Lower... You feel his hot breath. The sensation almost makes you faint. Lower... you feel his tongue glide across your wet womanhood. Oh my!!! Yes!! God it feels so good!! Inside your mind you hear the distant voice of the good girl you used to be shouting, "No!", but now you just laugh it off. That voice has always lied to you. How could you have been such a fool to listen to her. You have never felt nastier in your life and you love it! As the man caresses your clit with his tongue, the two women whisper, "That's it, let go...such a good girl. Introduce him to your pussy cat. How does it feel being a lady of the night. That's what your are now. The nice girl you used to be is gone. Ahh, doesn't that feel so good. Nice girls don't sit on faces. A nice girl wouldn't enjoy this. Oh... that's it baby. Don't let him stop until you've cum all over his face. You are now one of us. Rock those hips girl, yea that's it. Get naughty, make him lick your pussy. He needs to be disciplined. Show him how momma likes it. Oh, I know that feels good. Let him know your in charge. Your doing such a good job. That's it, relax and cum... Yessss... cum all over his face".

In the height of your lust you can barely make out one of the women picking up your white panties and replacing it with the sexy black lingerie. God you love the color black. White is so plain, black is so alluring. You can't wait to put on your new lingerie. You know you are one of them now. You don't recognize love anymore. Mind numbing dirty fantasies are what you crave. Even the good voice inside your mind is starting to fall under the spell. You see a picture of her in your mind slowly, cautiously removing her panties. Preparing to explore her womanhood for the first time. Once she starts, you know she will never stop. Soon, very soon, you will have just one voice. A wicked naughty voice.

The erotic music. The women holding you. Their whispers of sweet erotic dreams in your ear. The dirty action of sitting on a man's face. The tounge drawing circles around your hardened clit. It's all to much to take, a huge orgasm grips your body and you fall back on the floor. The four women gather around your fallen body and sooth you. They softly, gently stroke your smooth skin. Their hands run through your hair. You feel their soft kisses planted on your cheek all the way down to your toes. The four women grab the black lingerie and begin to dress you in your new outfit. You have never felt so sexy. The silk, nylon, and lace glide smoothly across your body. Each piece of black fabric caress your body in a different titillating way. You hear in your mind a voice. "I'm so wanton, so shameless. I'm so lustful. Yes, so nasty". Then a naughty giggle echoes through your mind. It is the voice of the good girl. In your mind she is all dressed in black lingerie. She is sitting on a plush leather love seat. Her legs are spread, she has pulled her black panties to the side. In her right hand she slowly slides a pink vibrator in and out of her wet womanhood, her left hand tickles her clit. A wicked smile runs across her face. She will never guide you the same again. You are now complete. You are a lady of the night.

That's my update! Hope you enjoyed it and your welcome to write a response both good or bad. Untill tomorrow....or maybe later today if I'm bored. Have a great day!!!

cndykttn 60F
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7/28/2005 4:45 pm

Hey handsome, you can write for me anytime !!! Excellent.

nightlight702 40M

7/28/2005 8:11 pm

Cool!, thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

onesweettxcutie 55F
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11/16/2007 12:33 pm

Very good story.
But what about the man in the beginning...where is he during all of this?

nightlight702 40M

11/18/2007 1:21 pm

This was supposed to be a short erotic trilogy. I just never finished it and chose to concentrate more on short computer animated film. The man in the Armani suit is the ultimate dreamweaver, the feather he uses to caress the captured women is the back of a magical pen. What is written with this pen on blank paper happens. He is watching what is taking place, writing each erotic note from his stream of consciousness and allowing those thoughts to play out on his victim as she is slowly seduced into his dark enchanted world.
Think of him as an erotic version of Dracula. Not a vampire but definitely a powerful mythic creature of the night. He takes the innocent and pure and turns them into his Ladies of the Night. Their sexual fire never diminish as they constantly feel each erotic note from the pen of the dreamweaver.

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