Winter Job Update  

nightis 54M
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9/8/2006 4:10 pm
Winter Job Update

As always, when you work for the government, you should never panic about decisions being made quickly or correctly. A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the facilities where I work may be shut down for the winter, sending me scrambling for work. Two of three related events have worked out in my favor. I am pretty sure that will tip the scales to keep me in Western Washington through the winter.

First, the facilities where I work was slated to be closed during the summer months of 2007 in favor of the more popular observatory that is open only during the warm months. That is good news for our summer staff. We will have to cut up to four of fifteen positions, but four of them routinely leave anyway. I suspect that any of our staff that wants to come back will have a job.

Second, the worthless co-worker that I blogged about several weeks ago put in her notice yesterday. That means the budget with myself and her on it no longer has to be split. My boss has requested funding to keep me on through the winter months.

The only question is how much will the visitor facilities where I am headquarterd be open through the winter? That opinion has yet to be handed down.

As much as I like doing new and varied things, Rushmore and Yellowstone in the wintertime may have to wait until I am really unemployed!

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