The Curse of a Gentle Man  

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7/17/2006 7:46 am

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The Curse of a Gentle Man

A long time ago I knew I was attractive to a certain kind of woman. I wasn’t a jock, big and strong. I wasn’t a bad ass, always keeping my body away from foreign substances and danger because for most of my youth, I was an athlete in training. Women almost never sought me out and I, being shy and slightly timid was uncomfortable in the brazen bravado I witnessed between guys and gals. On a couple of occasions, I missed sexual advances from a couple of pretty great women. My ass has been red from the self-imposed kicking.

Now in another time, I am still the same gentle man that I was back then; perhaps a little less timid. More than ever, I love to spend time with women and become intimately involved (another man might say fucking them!). Now, there is a way to get to the ones that are attracted to my style of sensuality.

I still miss out on a lot of hook-ups with especially younger women because it seems most are simply looking for men that are more aggressive, shall I say rough. I have even been berated in serious jest by my own associates about being too gentle at times when the moment called for a more forceful touch.

Largely, I have been a nice break for many of my new friends. To bring in a baseball analogy, I am the soft throwing left-hander that comes in between the two flame-throwing righties: just enough to change up that old aggressive frame of mind.

HBowt2 60F

7/18/2006 6:58 am

sometimes we just have to reach out and grab what is there....

nightis replies on 7/18/2006 8:30 am:
Yes, but would you reach out and grab this?

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