The Application and Response  

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5/23/2006 11:52 pm

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The Application and Response

I am constantly looking for that next lucrative job that will take me into the second half of my working years. I send out applications and resumes on nearly a weekly basis. Seldom do I receive anything back.

When I was in a dating drought through most of this last winter, I felt the same way about the emails sent via AdultFriendFinder.

Thank you for your application to be my friend and lover. Your resume was reviewed and you were found to be

____not qualified


for the current position of red-hot fuck. Your background indicates that you are

____a complete geek

____a player

____a nasty man that could get me hot beyond belief. (but I am looking for an LTR)

____a nice guy (but there will never be any spark)

____a fucking liar

____too young to be serious

____too old to old to keep up

____too stupid to be vertical.

Reciept of this letter does not constitue a job offer. We thank you for your interest in the current opening of red hot fuck. We hope that you apply for further positions as they occur.

nightis 54M

5/24/2006 12:01 am

____To have the social skills of a dog.

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