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5/15/2006 6:15 am

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Relationships Poll

Of late, it seems that ladies in particular are looking for friendships that lead to long-term relationships. While I thought I had an idea what the ladies I was most attracted to wanted from an AdultFriendFinder relationship, it appears to me that the theme has changed of late. Maybe I am attracted to the ladies that want a long-term relationship but not to the relationship at all.

Regardless, I am sure this is a repeated poll but what type of relationship are you looking for from AdultFriendFinder?
I am looking for one-night stands.
A couple of dates and they have got to be gone!
A realtionship over weeks and maybe months.
Friends with benefits
Not exactly marriage, but a committed relationship would be nice.
I am looking for something with a ring to it.
You forgot something and I will comment.

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