Passion Over Looking the Valley  

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9/10/2006 9:40 pm

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Passion Over Looking the Valley

It has been a long time since I tried to write anything creative. This is a fictional story that was based on a recent date.

Our original plan for a twelve mile day hike was not going to become reality when we started a mere hour later than we had planned. My kids off to school, we departed and started driving east on Highway 12. About twenty minutes into the drive, I informed you that our plans needed to be changed. There was a look of relief in your eyes, I am sure there was unspoken concern in your mind about your abilities to hike twelve miles.

Instead, my mind was a flutter about the opportunities. I decided that we should explore a cave that was off the beaten path off the 23 Road. When we arrived, we were both equally struck by the special place that we had discovered. We were certainly not the first to visit this place, but we were undoubtedly two of a small number, if not the only ones on this beautiful September day.

I am not sure if we had developed this warm feeling because we had collectively discovered one of the great places in this secluded part of Washington, but after exploring the cave, we found a view point that had a masterful view. To our left and down in the forested valley was the meandering Cispus River. To the right and across the valley was powerful "Tower Rock".

This scene must have been the final sip in this collection of natural intoxicants we had experienced in this short time. As we stood and stared out across the valley in silence, I put my arm on your opposite shoulder. You responded by snuggling closer and my grip became tighter. I reached over and my lips gave you a gentle kiss on the forehead. Your arm reached around me and your touch set off an explosion of sudden events.

I turned you towards me so that your face and mouth were suddenly accessible. I kissed your forehead and then your mouth; gently at first, and then with more persistence as my own breathing shifted into a rapid series of physical exertions. I grabbed the sides of your face with both of my hands and pulled your lips to mine. We hungrily kissed and I felt my body dragged towards yours. My hips melded into yours and suddenly, I was very aware of my sexual attraction to your astonishing body. Through your reaction, I could see there was no crime committed with my very risqué movements.

Any concerns I had were suddenly doused when your hand reached the area of my hips and began to caress the fabrics that lay two thin layers above my cock. It roared to life as you zeroed in on its locality. Once you found it, your hands, your fingers began a playful dance that sent me moaning and reeling in my head. I just realized again that I was standing in the bright sunlight, looking over your shoulder at the beautiful scene behind you.

Decisions had to be made quickly.

In seconds, a plan was formulated and I began to execute it. I left my arms and hands about your shoulder and squatted before you; as if you were royalty. In slow succession, my digits followed across your very feminine breasts and down to your stomach. I then deftly untucked your tee-shirt and had quick access to skin.

For moments, I caressed your stomach and worked my way to an occasional pass and then a suspended experience over your nipple through your soft bra. This was not the long term plan though, and I think you knew that. This was not a place of moment where time was going to be taken in vast quantities. This was about curiosity, living for the moment and yes, dare I say, lust.

With that, my hands ran down your legs, slowly at first and then with more drive as I untied the laces of your boots and removed them. Your socks were soon away and I continued my embrace of your legs and then unsnapped your shorts. My hand slipped inside with a new found freedom and then discovered the final layer. I moved behind you and with my right hand continued to challenge your personal space and control. You showed no resistance, so I pulled the shorts down and carefully placed them on your boots.

My body was in a near frenzy as I rubbed my hips against your rounded ass and you capitulated by offering sensual resistance against me. My arms and hands snaked around your front and touched, caressed your thighs. Gently, they lingered and found the soft skin of your most hungry region. Finally, my hands and then fingers settled in onto the warmest region, and there I could tell added humidity could not hide your excitement under just one naked layer.

My fingers invaded, gently at first and beneath the soft fabric of your underwear. Next, I began to slide my hands inside until my fingers found and gently separated the lips of your pussy. Once there, your breathing became more intense and your vocalizations more overt. I played with one finger inside you and then calmly found a way to enter a second. While doing so, I moved you so that your hands were holding a cedar fence designed to keep clumsy tourists from falling to injury, and your body was bent as if looking for some treasure over the edge of the view point.

You were becoming so wet and open! I toyed with finding that little spot that would give you so much pleasure and your moans and quivers told me I was certainly in the right neighborhood, but it was time to move onto the business at hand. As I stroked your ass, hips and back, I unsnapped my own shorts and slid them and my underwear to my ankles. When both hands were free, I slid your panties down to your ankles where they flirted with the soft pumice covered soil.

My body moved behind you so that my hips were touching that beautiful ass of yours and my cock seemed to take even a more significant jump in growth. In a minimal amount of awkward time, and I was able to push into you from behind. What a view! My hands were on your hips as I am slowly grinding, fucking you from behind. Your long brown hair was flowing off your shoulders as you are holding on, bracing yourself on the fence. My eyes viewed this scene and then rose to see the valley, the forest, the river and Tower Rock to the west. I let you know verbally how good it felt to be inside you and somehow, you seem to tighten.

My pace was beginning to change as my strokes were no longer hap-hazard and occasionally going from side to side. The tease was coming to an end and the serious fucking was going to commence as I thought for sure I was near my full potential size. With each stroke, I would add a little upward hit for added enjoyment and I could hear that it was having its effect. You are pretty quiet, but you certainly not completely devoid of speaking the language of pleasure.

Soon, you were rhythmically pushing back against me and having a significant effect as I could feel everything in me tighten. I wanted to give you one last dose of pleasure before allowed my own body to run feral, but my legs were beginning to quiver; all in pleasure. Your jolts came now in rapid fire succession and there was no longer any hope of further romantic interlude. This was a time to discharge! I felt the final push and began to shove my cock as deep into you as possible; not letting you off the hook for the gentle surroundings that brought us here, I bucked inside of you and noticed your moans were that of pleasure while I repeatedly grabbed your hips and gave you as much of me as I could muster until I finally collapsed on your back. My hands gently rubbed your stomach and breasts while I still remained inside you.

As we pulled apart, and we dressed, you in your shorts with no underwear and me back into my own layers; I wondered where the day would lead. Here it was, barely eleven in the morning and the entire day was still ahead.

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