My Kingdom for a Quiet, Solitary Place!  

nightis 54M
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6/30/2006 6:56 am
My Kingdom for a Quiet, Solitary Place!

SInce I moved to Washington, it has been nothing but one culture shock after another. I am not talking about the sales tax or the good schools for my kids either.

Yesterday, "Eyes" and I set out for another remote site near water to picnic and frolic outdoors on a beautiful day. She led me to a distant corner of Thurston County and it truly looked comforting!

We ate lunch, flirted and participated in screaming (I said it only reference) loud sex. As we sat there in one of our long conversations, me naked, her with one piece of clothing still about, we hear the sounds of on-rushing dirt bikes.

This woman is a seasoned exhibitionist. She makes me look very shy when it comes to being seen, but the way she dove and wrapped herself up under whatever was available was a hoot. Somewhere in the process she must have created quite a wind, because I had forest debris all over my most private parts.

The motorcycles moved on eventually and for some reason, I went home without underwear and hour and a half late!

It's all good!

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