My Date & Broken Negations  

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3/9/2006 11:56 pm

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My Date & Broken Negations

Photo-It was a neat day in the Puget Sound area today. Heavy Snow in March!

I am going to say this once. I was supposed to have a date today; one that I was really looking forward to. It was not a complete surprise when she canceled, but I really worked hard to keep the day clear for her. We are talking about getting together next Wednesday. That will probably be her last chance.

On a related note, I finally gave up another woman that that just couldn't get over the fact that I might initiate (it is a sentence written in my profile) an affair with a married woman. We went round and round about how I thought she was being judgmental and she said that I couldn't be trusted.

Sure, I could have deleted the sentence, but who am I trying to fool? This is a place to embrace our sexuality and there are many people out there looking for someone to embrace it with. It may be important to the mental health of another person. I was there; trapped, wishing I had a friend.

I don't want to resort to name calling, but if I am the worst thing she runs into on AdultFriendFinder, things are going to be just peachy for her. I just don't think, however, she will find too many more with my mature outlook.

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