Looking Past the Elk  

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2/20/2006 9:20 pm

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Looking Past the Elk

PHOTO-A herd of elk appeared on Sunday morning in a field about 5 miles east of Toledo, Washington.

I admit it…I should have a bumper sticker that says “I Brake for Elk”.

I was in an interesting conversation the other day with a man that I deeply admire and respect. I am his supervisor, but will seek his council on just about everything. We have many personal conversations and we often exchange notes about our families, sports teams and even the commute to work.

One morning, I told him of my excitement when I encountered a group of elk along the road that morning. I might enlighten you that I encounter three or four groups of elk each day during my morning drive. I love to stop and admire the glorious animals and I am still looking for “the photograph:

My friend retorted “I am native Washingtonian; I don’t get excited about the elk anymore”.

Suddenly, my respect for this man who I consider a good friend diminished slightly. I was disillusioned even a tad bit irritated. He lives in an urban area. Many from his own neighborhood of west Tacoma would be thrilled beyond words to experience just a small percentage of what this man and frankly myself, experience on a day to day, hour to hour existence. How could something so stunning and magnificent be taken for granted like this?

Then it dawned on me; humans do this all the time. They take things for granted. Whether it is family, friends, transportation or the cat, we often fail to think, just how important that particular person, place or thing may be to us. When it is gone or out of the way, it can be a painful realization.

Take a look around, what might you be taking for granted today?

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