An Impending Move  

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5/25/2006 6:14 am

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An Impending Move

As many of you already know, I usually move from my rented old house out in the Kapowsin area to Winlock for the summer. My boys have loved the schools here and it is only about 30 minutes from where their mom lives out in Ashford. I have been a dutiful dad, allowing the boys to go to the school of their choice while I commute two hours to work.

It wasn't that bad of a deal before since my employer gave me a "green & white" to drive home each evening. During the summer, we have twice moved to my old house in Winlock to cut down on my commuting time. Since my oldest will be changing schools anyway, the move this year will be permanent. It will save everything from money in rent to gas and of course precious time.

Even my current squeeze sees the logic in the move, but the distance certainly does not make her happy. It will double the distance to her place. Right now, I am about 30 to 40 minutes from Olympia and Tacoma. In Winlock, I will be a full hour from Tacoma and about 40 minutes from Olympia. I have found women on AdultFriendFinder dislike those kinds of distances!

Regardless, the logistics in my life are crazy! A single dad, driving and working as much as I do, paying cheap double rents and mortgages. SO, in mid-June, I will set out to improve my logistics and kill any kind of a social life!

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