A Recent Experience with a Friend  

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4/29/2006 7:00 am

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A Recent Experience with a Friend

Your body was so familiar. Our usual routine was a nice, slow, gentle, sexual dance. I watched all of your sensual reactions as I touched you. You are so easy for me to enter, as is typical, no reason to use an unnatural lube. As was customary, you reached down to massage the area just above my cock. You do it to force additional movement of my member. I am sure that you do it for your own pleasure, but I am not sure how much you realize that it pleasures me. I think you know.

Something entered my head though. All of a sudden, I felt huge. I was so deep inside you and was so taken in the sensations. I unexpectedly grabbed both of your arms and held them over your head. I began to piston you with design. I had so much awareness. I felt like my cock had eyes and I was looking, studying your feminine places. As I did so, I watched your face to see the reaction; if added depth was going to get you what you needed.

Soon however, I forgot about you. It was a most selfish thing to do, but I let go of your arms and slid both hands to your hips. I pushed harder and deeper in an unusually rough manner, while still on my knees. I had stopped watching your face because I had completely lost focus on you. You were suddenly a toy and I had become abnormally rough with you. My fingers dug into the flesh of your hips. In turn, you took everything I could give. I glanced back at your face and looked for some clue. You had quite the poker face! Finally, I exploded in a violent orgasm, diving into you with reckless abandon. My hands left your waist and went to your upper back and ass so I could lift you into a more vertical position. We swayed and came together over and over. It was only then that I recognized your position in this matter. You began to reach for those short little gasps of air that signaled your own visit to sexual bliss.

Sometimes gentle is not always the best way to go I reasoned!

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4/30/2006 11:18 pm


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