time for part 2 i think :D  

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3/19/2006 2:58 pm

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time for part 2 i think :D

We walk from the shower to the bedroom shivering slightly from the change in temperature. The house seems freezing compared to the warmth in the shower. We stumble into the bedroom both thinking of what is to come next. My mind is silently imagining you kissing down my body and how your lips and tongue will feel on my breasts as you lick and nibble them. Your mind is imagining how my lips will feel closing over your hard cock licking and sucking you.
Just before we get to the bed we stop and I turn and kiss you. My hands going round your waist, leaning my body against yours, with only two towels between us. We kiss more passionately as you guide me backwards to the bed. Neither of us is really paying attention to where we are going and I end up nearly falling over the bedside table as we near the bed.
I lie down on the bed drawing you down with me you lips going to my neck and kissing down to the edge of the towel. You surprise me by returning to kiss my mouth as I roll you over and straddle your hips. Still kissing you I guide you hands upwards to the bed post and you feel handcuffs click into place around your wrists. I reach behind me and slip a blindfold over your eyes and move off of you for a moment.
You can hear me rummaging around the room, but have no idea what I’m doing. You suddenly feel my hands at the edge of your towel undoing it and moving it from the front of your body so you’re only lying on it.
Starting from mid-calf I begin to slowly kiss, lick and nibble my way up your sexy body until I reach your hips. You feel my lips move across, moving towards your cock but they stop just before I reach it. I very gently brush my lips over your testicles and hear you moan and see you react out of the corner of my eye.
I move off you again but this time I remove your blindfold and you see that I’m naked and sitting facing you but just out of reach.
“I’m going to pay you back for turning the taps on while I was in the shower” I say grinning. You smile back at me remembering how I yelped every time the water changed.
I slowly spread my legs in front of you so you have a nearly perfect view of my pussy and you can see I’m already very wet which just makes you even harder. Your eyes follow my hand as it travels to my breast caressing it and pulling at the nipple. You watch as my head goes back in pleasure and you see my other hand slide slowly down my body. It passes the first hand and carries on down over my stomach, down to my pussy where it begins to circle my clit and slides between my lips.
Once I’m wet enough while my hand continues playing with my breast pulling at my already hardened nipples the other hand slips behind me and brings forward something. It’s a vibrator you realise with near shock. “So that’s what the parcel was the other day” you say laughing.
The laughter dies quickly as you watch the vibe slide over my clit and between my lips as my hand had done only moments ago. I slowly slide it into me and turn it on so that it’s only just vibrating but it’s still enough to make me moan. I move it in and out of my very wet pussy slowly but making sure it’s deep inside me. You see me turn the speed up as it slips out of my pussy and I run it over my clit.
Your cock twitches and is as hard as you can get without me even touching you. My head back in utter pleasure as the speed increases once again and I slide it back inside me.
This time I don’t have the patience and I move it faster and harder into my pussy, moaning at how good it feels as I increase the speed even more.
Once again I slide it out of my extremely wet pussy nearly shaking with pleasure I turn it up to full speed and slide it over my clit. “MMMMMMM OH GOD!” I cry out as I move it fast over my clit and you watch as I writhe with pleasure and eventually cry out with pleasure that I’m cumming and you can only watch as I do writhing on the bed still rubbing the vibrator over my pussy making my orgasm last even longer.
As I eventually calm down a little I notice that your breathing is very fast and that you didn’t cum. I know however that if I carry on teasing you, you will cum eventually so once again my hand makes its way down to my cum soaked pussy and within moments I hear you moan that you going to cum if I don’t stop. Only getting a grin in response of your warning you cum moaning and writhing as much as the handcuffs will allow.
Once you’re finished I move up and undo the cuffs only to hear you whisper “Your turn….”


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3/24/2006 5:07 am

I quickly switch the cuffs to your hands. I move and you lie under me, your breathing is still fast as I kiss your lips and our tongues meet. You can feel my hard cock against you. My hands move down and stroke your breasts, your nipples are so hard. I move and take one in my mouth, my hand slides down your body until it reaches your soaking wet pussy. You lift your head to watch me slide down your body. My face is directly over your pussy, I can see your juices flowing still. You feel the tip of my tongue touch your lips, your juices taste so sweet. I push deeper and your lips spread with my tongue, you moan. Your hands hold my head pulling me closer to your soaking pussy. I lick you and find your click looking for my attention! My tongue circles your clit and it flicks across it driving you crazy. You pull my head up and say "Put that cock inside me now!"
I lift my body up and move closer to yours. You can feel the tip of my cock nudge against your pussy lips. Your fingers open your lips and I push forward, I slide deep inside your tight wet pussy. I hear your moan as I slide all the way in, every inch inside you! Slowly I move in and out, I feel the tightness of your pussy all around my cock. I start to move faster and you lift your legs around me so I feel deep inside. I move faster as I see you bite your lip. I watch as your tits bounce to my thrusts. It turns me on so much! I sit back and my cock falls out, you look down disappointed! I ask you to turn over onto all fours. I move forward and kiss your ass, I then line my cock up to your pussy. I push forward and watch your lips spread around my cock. I slide inside again and you feel tighter, I push deep. My hands hold your hips as I pump inside you, my hand goes under you and holds one of your tits. You are moaning so loud now and I know you are about to cum. I move faster so that I can cum with you. I focus as my cock slides in and out, sweat is pouring from our bodies. I hear you start to cum, I'm about to cum as well. You turn and tell me to cum inside you, this turns me on so much. With more extra hard thrusts I cum hard inside your soaking wet hot pussy. We fall forward onto the bed as all of my cum fills you. We lie together, our sweat covered bodies, kissing each other. I reach forward and undo the cuffs!

rm_hunkydorey1 43M

3/25/2006 1:09 pm

Nightingale you sound awesome and like you really know what your doing!!!! Great read!

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4/2/2006 7:04 am

OK ... looking forward to parts 3 & 4 in person hun, maybe more

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