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another story for a return blog

You’re busy typing away at your computer at work busily trying to finish up so you can go home at a normal time for once. A few minutes later you get a memo only saying see you in 20 minutes. You look for who it’s from but it’s anonymous. Confused you carry on with your work and sure enough you see your colleagues slowly begin to thin as they start heading home and you’re eventually alone in the main part of the office. The only other person there is your boss sitting in her office working hard. You wander if the memo was from her and she was going to have a meeting with you about something but she doesn’t move from her computer once nor make any indication that she’s expecting you.
You turn to return to you work as you’re nearly finished and want to go home and have a nice long relaxing bath. A few minutes later I come out of my office and walk over to your desk. I’m wearing a normal business suit that I often wear consisting of a light grey short shirt, white blouse, matching grey jacket and black high heels.

“Did you get my memo?” I ask smiling at you.
“Yes I was wondering who it was from. Why did you need to see me?”
“Well…. Your annual review is coming up and I needed to talk to you about it but I didn’t want to do it in front of the rest of the staff.”
You watch as I perch on the edge of your desk my leg brushing yours as I sit on the desk in front of you.

You get a little distracted while I’m talking about when the meeting with the review board will be and some other things that you just didn’t hear because all you can do is sit and hope that I haven’t noticed your reaction.
‘Hmmmm… maybe she doesn’t know that I can see right up her skirt to her sexy silk panties’ you think.

“And then on Tuesday the green elephants will come in….” I say as I have realised you’ve not hear a word I’ve been saying for the last ten minutes. I know that you have a good view up my skirt so I shift on the desk pretending to get more comfortable while actually giving you a better view. After a while I get bored talking nonsense so I suddenly jump off the desk to my feet, which places me right between your legs.
“I know you haven’t heard a word I’ve said so why don’t you come to my office?” I say smiling suggestively

Once we get to my office I close the door and lock it so the cleaners won’t interrupt us. I waste absolutely no time and as I walk over to you I start imagining how this might go. I sit behind my desk calmly and offer you the seat opposite. “You realise that you would lose your job if you don’t do well in front of the review board, however with my help you will do fine.” You look slightly alarmed at the prospect of losing your job and actually and hope that either you can do something amazing in front of the review board or get on my good side so that I’ll help you.

“So what do you suggest?” you ask hoping I’m going to help you even though you hadn’t listened before you are now. I suddenly just sigh and get up and begin pacing pretending to think about the review board while actually thinking how sexy you look today. I decide to surprise you would be best so on my third circuit of the room I suddenly grab your tie and bring my head down to yours so I can kiss you. As we kiss I slide my jacket off and also your tie and shirt. Your hands slide up under my blouse and cup my breasts in your hands, making me moan and smile while still kissing.

We carry on kissing for a while, and then you move me backwards towards my desk. You briefly lift me up and place me on the edge of my desk. You start making your way down my neck as you unbutton my blouse. I undo your trousers and slip my hand inside and under your boxers to stroke your hard cock. You surprise me by pushing me back onto the desk and standing between my legs making me have to open them for you, which raises my skirt several inches. This reveals my black lace stockings and shows u a hint of my black lace panties.

The kissing turns to more like eating as my hand moves faster over your now hard cock and you begin sliding your hand very slowly up the inside of my leg, making me shiver with anticipation. You begin to trace circles on the back of my knee as I slide your trousers and boxers fully down making you have to step out of them.

“So do you still want my help in keeping your job?” I ask grinning devilishly. “If you do you have to be a very good boy” I say sliding off the desk and onto my knees in front of you. My hand which was stroking you the whole time slows down and I slide your cock into my mouth and begin licking and sucking slowly as I keep eye contact with you seeing how you react to my mouth on you. I take as much of your cock into my mouth as I can and watch as your head goes back in a moan of pleasure. After mere moments I feel your cock begin to throb in my mouth as I lick, suck and stroke your sexy cock. Not quite ready for you to cum just yet I move my mouth and hand off you momentarily to give you time to recover.

You have other ideas however….. you take me by surprise by lifting me from the floor onto the desk again and within seconds are removing my panties and playing with my clit. The suddenness makes me gasp at first but quickly turns into a moan as you kneel and replace your fingers with your tongue making me moan even more. Papers and files go flying off the desk as I writhe as you flick my clit with your tongue and I feel your fingers just on the edge of my pussy not quite entering.

We hear a sound outside the office and realise the cleaner has come in without us realising. Unfortunately the blinds are all open and we would be in full view of her. Sighing we quickly dress again. “well I think we have more to discuss on this matter so I think it would be sensible to continue somewhere a little more private.” I say in serious way even though I’m grinning from ear to ear. Like the cat who got the cream…. Well this one is hoping to very soon……….

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It's times like this I wish I didn't work alone.

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