Ridin' the storm out....a memory from a reckless youth  

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9/15/2005 10:07 pm

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Ridin' the storm out....a memory from a reckless youth

With hurricane Ophelia blowing off the coast near me...it brought back a memory from my wild and foolish days when I decided to ride out a 'cane heading towards the North Carolina coast...

I watched as the clouds rolled in, like a ghostly army moving into position preparing for attack. The beach, which days before had been a sunny playground for young & old, was now a gray, desolate landscape. Even the gulls, laughing as they do, had abandoned me to my folly.

The sea was becoming agitated as a powerful force beyond the horizon stirred up the lair of Mother Ocean.

And the wind...the wind moaned and whispered...warning me to run...to flee, but I laughed, for I was a man, afraid of nothing.

I went back to my cottage just as the rain started. The rain started soft, then increased in strength, driven by the wind until it sounded like shot hitting my windows. And wind screamed in agony...The overture had begun...

When the lights went out, I did not panic but lit the candles I had at the ready. The wind was now screaming, shaking the cottage and shaking me to my core. To my last day on this earth, I will remember that screaming...worse than any nightmare that you can imagine.

As the radio announced that the eye was close to passing overhead, I had to see. Call it bravado...call it stupidity, but I had to face the storm...face the fury.

When I opened the door...I walked into Hell. Hell...with rain cutting through me like a chainsaw. Hell...with the wind trying to snatch my breath away, snatch me away.

I labored for each step...I had to go to the ocean. But there was no need...Mother Ocean was coming to me. The sea...always my true mistress...was angry and claiming everything in her path. And what she claims, she keeps forever.

Halfblinded by fear and the rain, I watched as the breaking waves came towards me...licking my legs, trying to grab me. I ran, stumbling back to my cottage...hoping I could make it.

The wind laughed insanely as I opened the door...each gust trying to snatch it from my grasp. I got inside and threw my shoulder against the door. I stayed there until the winds moved on and quiet returned.

I walked out the next morning. I was lucky, little or no damage to the cottage. But others were not so lucky...Mother Ocean had come to collect her due and had not left wanting. I never challenged her again....

Post script: In 1999, I was caught by hurricane Floyd while checking on a friend. My neck was broken and I was clinically dead for 90 seconds. I came back with little or no ill effects...just a deeper respect for the power of nature.

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