fantasy verses freedom!!  

night_nurse1978 51M/39F
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3/31/2006 2:38 am
fantasy verses freedom!!

has anyone found that the fantasy of picking up a tall dark handsome stranger and taking him back to your cave to make mad passionate love is better than the actual act itself?
The preparation- the chats via the net that make you all damp and tingly, the long hot bubble bath, the wee bit gardening with the strimmer just incase you get lucky, the intrepidation as you drive to the meeting place, the way your heart races before you come eye to eye then the racing hormones as you gaze into one anothers eyes. my question- is it better just to leave it at that a fantasy unfulfilled and go off home to your faithful rampant rabbit who won't promise you to call then not?? or is it better to explore every inch of that fantasy until you are phsically fulfilled?? is it possible to feel completely fulfilled in just your body and not in your mind?? is sex good enough without the mental thing aswell? new to this game. don't have all the answers yet!!!!!! xxxx

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