Getting sick of the journal thing. Who cares what day it is.  

nicholasfinney 53M
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10/11/2005 6:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Getting sick of the journal thing. Who cares what day it is.

Perhaps the whole AdultFriendFinder thing is a bit too much of a "lifestyle" for me. I'm not really one for "lifestyles". Like people who have to bring their yappy little dogs into KMart, and have them ride in the shopping cart. I pine for the good ol' days when dogs were just dogs, not lifestyle accoutrements. I also pine for the days when sex was just sex and not a technological and strategic maze to be a mouse in. Or maybe it's always been that. How else does one explain the codpiece? It has occured to me that perhaps we're all here because we're deficient in some way. Not a popular prospect, I suppose. Or perhaps I'm really just too nice a guy. That what I really need to learn is: tell 'em whatever they want to hear. I mean, isn't that what we do at a subconscious level anyway? That's why there's such a thing as rationalization. Isn't it ironic that rationalization always occurs after we've gotten what we wanted? I wonder if Robert Trivers ever did a study of rationalization. That would be fascinating.

PS It took me a long time to choose my mood today. I couldn't make up my mind between being beautiful or idolized. (It's a lifestyle choice.) To choose, I played with myself: rock,paper,scissors (also known as roshambo to some folks). I like the idea of being idolized today.

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