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3/24/2005 8:02 am

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time passages

sitting here thinking of time. this last week as been a neverending cartwheel. Last friday my daughter called me. Amanda is twentyfour and has an awesome job. Couldnt be more prouder of both my girls. My youngest is in college and has a ten year plan for herself which i find totally great. Amanda"s phone call turned out to be a very sad one.

Her grandfather lives in florida and has been there for quite a few years. Her voice was urgent and told me that he was in the hospital and dying of cancer and that there wasnt much time left for him and that she and my mother and twin sister were driving down to florida that evening. I asked if there was anything i could do. she said no and that she would be alright.

I hung up the phone and remembered the first time i met him. I married Amanda's father when i was nineteen, he was thirty.

i can still see myself in my wedding gown and the look of happiness on his face as i walked down the aisle. My fathers hand had refused to let go when the minister asked who gave this woman to this man? my dad spoke and said her mother and i do. lol rick reached over and smiled and said paul you can let go now. and gently took my hand.

twenty three years later that still stays in my mind. rick died three years later, two days shy of our third anniversary. Amanda was one month shy of her second birthday.

ricks mother died a year later,. to the date and time that he passed away. His parents welcomed amanda and gave her what most grandparents give there only granddaughter, lots of love and remembered her on christmas other family holidays and communion.

when she was seventeen she drove her and her sister jenny to florida to see them.
jenny joked how she wanted to trade grandparents. i had remarried four years after rick passed away.

i think back to when rick died. we were in the stages of moving to florida. rick had been down there working for his father when he died. i remember him asking me what i wanted to do. here i was a single and widowed mother at age 22. i told him i didnt have the money but i wanted rick home. didnt want him buried in florida. only request iever made.

he flew rick home and paid for the funeral. it was all so surreal. i looked at his casket drapped with the amercan flag and cried.

she called the next night and told me me she made it. she spoke to him and he knew who she was and knew he was dying. i told her to tell him thank you for me to give him my love and that i couldnt ask for a better father in law
and grandfather.

he passed away tuesday and the funeral is today
all i can think about now is he is in a better place and hes with both his sons and his wife and im sure they are having a wondeful reunion.

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3/24/2005 9:33 am

This is my first day back from my grandfather's funeral and it is sureal to read this. My grandfather had very little class, but his heart was sooooo big. He called everyone in the immediate family, if for nothing else but to talk about the weather and to say that he loved us. It seemed to bother everone in the family except me. I miss him. It still brings a smile to my face thinking of how he would cuss about the snow and yell for me to be careful going to work in the morning. We had the U.S. Army in common... maybe that is why I understood him so much better. For his funeral, I stood up and told people of the stories of delight that I now heard from them... were a little to late.

Apreciate those that you love WHILE they are alive. Thanks for your thoughts.

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4/6/2005 8:38 am

That is very touching and we are so sorry to hear about this, losing loved ones is one of the hardest things life can give you.Live life like theres know tomarrow and give your kids kisses and hugs, oh and yourself one also. John an Mindy

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