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1/10/2006 5:52 am

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If a person does not reply to an email, would there not be a reason? I mean ok, so maybe a "sorry not interested" would be better but you know what, I really don't have the time for that. I'm sorry if that offends someone but you know what, I'm not about being here to stroke your ego. Get over yourselves already.

If I reply it is because I feel I can talk to the person I replied to. If I don't reply, I feel I cannot. I'm not interested in being nice and proper. Replies are not mandatory, they are quite optional last I looked.

I don't always have time to reply, nor do I feel it is necessary. Proper, nice, sure it is, but let's face it, this site isn't always for niceties. I'm not looking for a fuckbuddy but there are some who just email and say they want that. So how cool is this, I get blasted for not replying but yet a person contacts me who clarely did not read my profile or my blogs first.

If you want to contact someone, read first. If we then fit into what you are looking for so be it, if not, don't write.

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