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3/27/2006 5:47 am

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Watching this world from angelic eyes
Looking for that special prize
Is it possible to be found
While seaching from above the ground

Flying above, searching evermore
Coming to land, being that lure
Sensual touches, spirituality hightened
Spanning my wings, protection not to frighten

I am different, this is true
Take that change, let love ensue
Never to feel as love was intended
Angel and human, can be blended

In many ways I am no different
Look and see me, only lucent
I cannot be what you think you need
I am an answer to your query

Look into my eyes, see my soul
Look deeper, I will console
It is what I am that makes me so
To allow you and others to grow

I do not ask anything in return
Of this is only discern
Let me touch you with my heart
Before it is my time to part

You cannot deny my existence
You can choose to see my absence
For I am real this do not doubt
Can you not see that I standout

The more I see, the more I learn
Nothing more I will discern
My time grows near in what seems eternity
Still not having learned, loved, touched, such a pity

rm_ohsolustful 59M
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3/27/2006 12:08 pm

Hello again, Just had to stop in to see how your doing., such pain and anguish I get from your posts. Try not to let life get to you so much. Let it go and focus more on the lighter side of things. There are good and wonderful things all around, enjoy them, find and take pleasure from the simple things in your life. Life is worth living..Do so with gusto. Best wishes to you, lots of SMILES and hugs too...................................................

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