niceneasy200541 53F
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3/24/2006 9:21 am

pleasure is relative...

what pleasures one may not another.

what pleasures you may not me.

what pleasure me is total unconditional giving.

not asking, just giving.

touching, every part of my body, every part of your body, knowing that i can enjoy and be who i am and so can you.

knowing that i have the ability to excite you, have you desire me, my body, my soul.

touching your lips to mine. feeling the softness and desire on them.

feeling the need and desire in your hands, your fingertips searching for unseen places.

pleasure, whole body experiences, not just a climax but a whole body climax. losing touch with reality just for a moment in time, knowing that i am safe and feeling nothing but pleasure.

this is what i desire... this is the pleasure i seek...

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