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2/17/2005 12:12 am

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blog 2/17

Well life is going pretty good for me, just good with no problems what so ever. So the dating scene is going ok I guess. But its simple for me just try to find the right girl and don't give up. Because if you just give up you wont find the person of your dreams and just be lonely. But sometimes at night it can be kind of bad especially if you wake up horny or even just cant think of nothing else except sex, I know I cant sometimes. I mean every one thinks of sex and just cant stop thinking about it. I mean im pretty sure even couples think about sex while in bed or when they are alone or something.
But I remain optamistic that soon I will find my special someone soon enough. Also I hope everyone who reads these post and stuff find their special someone too. Cause love is for everyone just not the lucky few who have the luck. so good luck

any commets would be good thanks
Signed Ray
M 21ys Single and looking

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