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2/16/2005 7:45 pm

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blog 2/16

I'm looking for my special someone who I can have fun, talk, just pretty much have a very good time. She must be nice, cute, honest, caring, loveable, sexy, have a sense of humor and just wants to have a good time. Their is one thing that I find attractive in a girl that she is intelligent and a good heart and know what she wants and is determined to do anything that she wants. I know some people thinks that is stupid, dumb or even just desperate. And some people think it a different look at life, intelligent or even know what they want. No matter what people think about me I don't let it bother me. Because I know that if that's what I feel and it is in my heart, then no one can change my opinions on this no matter what. As I well I am 5"10, I have short black hair, brown eyes, light brown skin, dark tan and 155lbs. I am nice, honest and caring and have a good sense of humor, sensitive and wants to have a good time. The person that I am looking should be a good person and wants to have fun. I am a simple guy with no big problems at all. I think a relationship should be more than some people do, I think you should get to know them, listen to them, talk, try to find similar interest and find some things you can do together or even do things that you might find infesting. Or even you know just sit down and have a cup of coffee and watch a movie and relax with each other. If their is something their well then by all means pursue it and continue it could blossom into something bigger. Well if their isn't something don't dwell on it and move on. Because if you dwell on something that could bee than you wont want to move on. It may be hard and sometimes difficult but in the long run you ever know if could happen at any time. If that happens then you know that all the time you have waited will be worth all the time and headaches of the waiting game. I'm pretty sure everyone wants to find their special someone and I am no different. So if you think their is a chance with someone take it now or you will regret it in the future. If you think this sounds good to you then replies and we will se what could happen, you ever know what could happen in the next few seconds, life is just unpredictable cause no one knows what can happen next. Ladies if you want to talk or something let me know and send me a message or something

So ladies if you care to express any comments on this then go ahead and post a response


Signed sensitive guy
21 years old

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