26 is fast approaching  

niceguynar8006 37M
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6/18/2006 8:20 am
26 is fast approaching

Only 11 more days till I turn 26. It's both a good and somewhat bad feeling. My birthday's have always been nice, especially when I turned 21 and had amazing sex with my girlfriend at the time who I wasn't supposed to see till the following day. Although that is the one and only birthday that I have had sex on. I've almost always been able to get together with my friends and family and spend the day hanging out and just enjoying the company. In that way, it has been good.

Really, the only reason I could have for it being bad would be that after you turn 21, it's just one more year closer to 30. I guess the same can be said for when you hit 30 and approach 40, and so on. Life changes, and mine sure has. I'm not where I thought I would be at this point in my life, not that I'm dissapointed, just not where I thought I would be. As far as this birthday goes, I took the night off from work, so I get 2 days off leading to my birthday and then that night too. I haven't gone out in a while, so I would like to do that. So I'm thinking about going down to the rivermarket in Little Rock. Now I have to figure out when.

My birthday is on the 29th, so do I go on Wednesday night, which is also ladies night, and when midnight hits, that's where I'll be? Or do I go on Thursday night and stay until Friday morning? I don't have anyone lined up at this point to go out with, so I'm still trying to figure that out. If anyone would like to join me, let know.

One other thing I wanted to talk about. I've never done this, but I've heard about it and have been told that it works. I have heard from single guys that they will go buy a wedding ring and wear it when they go out, and they will get hit on and have much better luck with women when they do so. Like I said, I've never tried it, but I'm almost tempted to. I know that it't not really a good thing to do, since it's deception and all, but part of me just wants to try it once or twice, just to see if there is any difference. So I'm curious, guys, has anyone else there tried this approach and what happened? As for the women, how do you respond to guys who have wedding rings on? Do women see that as a challenge because a guy is taken, so they want to see if they can get him? Or do they see security? Or do they think that he can't go home with them so it's safe to flirt? I'm just curious about it and would like to hear both sides of your opinions and experiences. I hope everyone has had a good weeekend.

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