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We lie facing each other atop the quilt on my bed. You on your right side; me on my left. A candle casts a warm, gentle glow through the darkened room along with the gentle scent of lemon grass. We are naked save for the black silk panties that caress your hips. We each breathe steadily and slowly as we gaze into each others eyes, relaxed after a satisfying meal with a tinge of excitement as we each, in our own way, anticipate the new delicacies to come.

I reach forward with my right hand and gently rub the backs of my fingers across the underside of your jaw line down towards the hollow of your neck. I linger there a moment, as I turn my hand over so that my fingers can gently stroke and caress your neck. Up and down. Slowly and gently. My hand barely touching the tender, vulnerable skin. Your breathing deepens in time with my strokes as you move your head back, as you seek to expose more of yourself to my stoking.

My hand moves downward to find the space over your sternum and between your luscious, swelling breasts. You shiver slightly as my hand passes gently through that warm, silky gap. Gently, like a feather, my finger tips progress along our stomach towards your silken panties. As they reach the top of your covering, my fingers move to along the top of the panty line, slightly inside but not moving downward. Up to your hip and around the back to find the small of your back just inside the crack of your ass. There, I stroke you gently. Back and forth. But only for a few seconds. My fingers then form a straight line that gently follows upward the declivity of your spine. Up. Slowly. Towards your neck. When they reach that point they move again along our jaw line to start the long, full body stroke once again. And again. And again. Sometimes stopping and retreating. Sometimes lingering. Then in reverse. Always gently stoking, letting your sighs and small moans be their guide.

On another pass, I move in another direction. With one firm, gentle finger, I outline your mouth. Again. And again. My finger slowly but steadily moves to your lips, slightly parted and swollen. I stroke them gently. With each pass, you slowly begin to suck my finger into your mouth. Slightly at first. Then harder and deeper until you have all of that hard member deep into your mouth as your tongue slowly and firmly strokes its underside. As you suck even harder to hold me inside of you, I slowly withdraw my finger. Wet. Warm. I slowly move it along your chin, down your neck, leaving behind its trail of warm wetness.

My hand moves to your left breast and slowly but firmly messages its creamy, white ripeness. Fully. Gently. I cup our breast in my hand and slowly pull my hand away, letting my fingers trail behind, stroking your breast upward to the nipple before it pulls away. Again. Again. Eventually, the strokes are supplemented with a gentle rub of the palm of my hand across and around the taut, staining, hard nipple. Around and around and around.

I remove my hand, slide myself closer to you and take your chin in my hand as my lips move to yours. They brush. Gently and softly together and across each other. My lips part slightly and take your lower lip between mine and suck it gently slightly into my mouth. Then release. You take mine gently between yours as we each gently suck on the warm soft wetness of each other. Next, the tip of your tongue gently probes my mouth and then quickly retreats. A tease of hardness into soft warm wetness. My tongue follows suit and we alternate little raids of electric shocks into each other. The probes deepen and become more insistent.

As our stroking increases and deepens, you place your left leg over my thigh and slide yourself closer to me. Your left hand reaches between my legs to find my hardening cock. You stroke it gently several times as a moan escapes my mouth into yours as my tongue probes your mouth. You grasp my harness and move it to your silk covered pussy and begin to stroke yourself with the swollen head. Up and down along the slit of your pussy, the silk wettening with each stoke. After a few moments, we find the rhythm as each stroke of my prick along your labial lips coincides exactly with the pace of the alternating probes of our tongues as if we are connected in a closed loop that runs from my cock, to your pussy, up to your mouth and into mine to return to my cock for another and another and another circuit.

As we each begin to feel the stirrings of orgasm, I pull back my mouth, remove your hand from my cock, and gently move you over onto your back as we each moan with pleasure and a longing for completion. ?No rush?, I say. ?I know? you reply.

I move over you slightly and bring my mouth to your neck, just under your chin. I lick/suck you there gently in ever growing circles moving to the hollow of your neck and down towards your breasts. My mouth moves first to your right breast ? so far ignored but not at all forgotten. My tongue circles around the aureole without touching the nipple as that ripe red strawberry strains for it attention. I pull my mouth back slightly and place it above the straining hard nipple and touch it, ever so gently with my tongue. Your body twitches as if touched by an electric probe. Again. Again. As you strain upwards towards my mouth, I take your nipple into my wet warmness and gently, sweetly suck on your sensitive hardness. As I suck, my tongue swirls around the nipple as, incredibly, it seems to become even harder in my mouth. The sucking swirls then alternate with flicks of the tongue across your red, hard nipple.

After a few minutes, you take my head in your hands and move it to your left breast for its deserved attention. The process is repeated, but not by rote ? by feel and reaction to your moans and sighs and shifts. Then back to the right and forth to the left as we both begin to stir and move more quickly with shortening breathes.

As our movements move closer to frenzy, your left hand moves down and slides itself under your panties to find your sweet wetness. After several strokes, you remove your hand and bring it up, next to my mouth. I release your nipple and take your fingers into my mouth savoring your sweet, hot wetness, sucking it from your fingers. With that taste, my desire for more draws my mouth down your torso, over your stomach towards your inviting pussy. You spread your legs wide and point your knees in the air as I move between your legs to my knees. I wait.

As you thrust yourself upwards, towards me, I cup your ass in my hands and bend myself forward so that my mouth is above the black silk that guards your treasure. Lifting you even further, I gently run my tongue along the silken indentation left behind earlier by your stroking of my cock against you. My tongue runs up and down along the black, silky wetness that enshrouds your pussy. I pull away, but only for a moment as I slide your panties down and away and you lift your legs into the air as I remove them ? carefully placing them beside you where I will be able to find them in a few moments.

I now move my head and mouth lower. Your knees are still in the air, legs spread and your pussy in front of me. But I first move to our inner thigh. I lick it. And again. Up and down, ever closer to your deep warmness. Eventually, I run my tongue along the juncture of our leg and torso, but go no further towards your anxious pussy. Then the other thigh. Up, down, closer.

My hands now move to where you are aching for them to be, and I gently pull the wet, glistening lips apart, revealing our pink wet, pussy. I wait. You thrust upwards. I pull back. When you stop, I gently blow a stream of air onto our wet lips. You jerk upwards. I pull back. I blow again. You moan. My tongue ever so gently touches your pink, wet softness that lays open before me. I flatten my tongue and stroke your opened pussy bottom to top. Again. Again. Back to the tip of the tongue as I penetrate you slightly, again bottom to top again and again. Your hips thrusting to meet my striking tongue.

I lean forward, bracing myself on my forearms partway up your torso. I take my cock in my right hand and move it towards you. I place the head against your pussy just above ass and hold it there. It penetrates slightly. When it does, I move my hips upwards and so slide my cock up your lips, parting them as it moves up. Then back down. And again. Never more than an inch inside of you. My cock head soaking up your wetness. After several strokes, I let my cock stop near the top of your pussy and guide your hand to my hardness. You take it in our hand, guide it to your clit and begin to stroke it with the bulging head of cock. Your pace quickens and your breath shortens, as does mine. ?Not yet? your say. ?I agree? say I. You let go and I grab my cock in your stead. Holding my wet hard cock, I move my body up while keeping contact with yours. A trail of your wetness is transferred from my cock to your stomach.

I then move myself up onto my knees and reach to find your panties. I drape the wet silk over my hard cock and grasp it along the back so that my cock is no encased in your silky black panties. I rub the silken harness gently across our belly in ever widening circles. I move up to your breasts and straddle you as I rub my silk covered cock over your hard red nipples. First one then the other. I look down at you and our eyes meet. You smile and I return the expression of pleasure. ?Your turn? you say. ?Mmmmmm? I moan.

Your each up and remove the silk from my cock ? tossing it away and off the bed. ?Come here? you say. ?Gladly? I reply. I fall forward onto all fours above you and you slide yourself down the bed to place our head just above my hovering hips. My cock dangles in front of you. You reach up and take my hard member into your hand and guide it towards your mouth. You place the head of my cock against your lips and take it slightly into your mouth, licking the underside of the head as you hold it there ? against my thrusts ? for a few moments. You then release your hand and slowly suck my cock into our mouth. Deeper. Warmer. Wetter. A low moan escapes my lips from the depth of my soul. You suck. Your tongue plays itself against the underside of my cock. Sometimes flat, sometimes probing with its tip, all the while seeking to coax the cum from deep inside of me into your wet, warm mouth. I begin to stir and my breathe shortens while the depth of my moans increase. I begin to thrust slightly in anticipation. You then push me up away from you and my cock hangs hard in the air above you. ?Not yet? you say. ?Unnnggggg. I unnnggggg agree?, I reply. You smile. I smile in return.

I lower myself onto you, take you in my arms and turn over onto my back bringing you along to rest on top of me. We kiss. Again. And again. We laugh.

You move yourself up along my body so that your breasts are above my face. I reach up and part your breasts with my hands, running my tongue again between your breast. Again you shudder and pull back. But only for a second. Then you slowly lower your left breast to my mouth again. My tongue circles around your nipple without touching it. I then take your nipple into my mouth, gently sucking it deep into my mouth while my tongue caresses the taut nipple in the vacuum that is created. Round and round my tongue strokes your nipple. You press yourself down into me.

I lift your torso slightly, removing your nipple from my mouth and move you slightly so as to take the other breast into my mouth. The nipple hardening in its turn.

I feel your wetness on my stomach as you press your wet, swollen sex against me, stroking yourself on my skin.

You move our legs up to straddle my torso. I move my arms down through the gap to between your thighs and my body, grasping your firm ass in my hands. I pull you upwards along me, kissing and licking your stomach as you come forward and above me with your hands on each side of my shoulders. I slide down to move closer to your hips as you move upwards, placing your hands on the wall above the bed. Your thighs are now on each side of my head. Your wetness suspended tantalizingly above my mouth. You move yourself down slowly. My tongue touches you, parting the wet lips as it slides into you. My tongue strokes you as you slide front to back, my tongue parting your wet, hot lips. You move yourself slightly to place your clitoris against my tongue. I softly and gently lick it. I envelope it in my lips, pulling it into my mouth as I had with your nipples. Your breathes shorten and become more intense. You feel your orgasm again building deep inside of you straining to escape your body. You throw your head back as you thrust your pussy against my mouth and ...

Well, there are several places we can go from here, and it seems only fair to let you decide where that might be.

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