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3/21/2006 11:53 pm

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Fake World

Welcome to my world of words in this so called internet dating site we call AdultFriendFinder. So have you cruised through the site looking for a little fun and found yourself immersed in a fake ass person. Who responds to your emails asks you to write them and then you just get shit in your inbox. I mean who hasnt been there yet? I've been there so many times it just isnt funny anymore. I mean I came on this site to meet some new and different people to hang out with, have a litte fun with, and what do I get? Shit!!! Woman who play with you as if your just a game on their PC.

Not to say all woman are like that. I have met online, some good people who have responded to my emails and been very nice to me. It seems to me though that thier are more fakes in this world, trying to get you to go to their website, pay to talk or just to see them and half the time they arent even real!!!! I mean what the fuck what happend to being able to talk to someone without having to wonder if their real and if they are real why cant we hold a decent conversation with them. I understand people here are coming on to this site to meet someone to fuck or play with but their are some of us out there that want to meet that attractive,sweet, intelligent person to have a meaningful encounter with and possibly develop something beautiful.

Maybe If I wasnt such a shy person when it comes to meeting new real people in the real world I could meet someone special but I'm here cause I'm just not that comfortable. So what do I do people? I mean I'm completely lost and could use some suggestions.

So if you feel like I do I'd love to hear from you. Maybe we can find a solution to this problem and resolve it.


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