ARRRGGGGG!!!! What did I do to deserve this???  

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3/20/2006 11:30 pm
ARRRGGGGG!!!! What did I do to deserve this???

I have found myself asking throughout the course of this day what I did to deserve this kind of shit from people. Okay, here is the last week:

Our A/C in our apartment has been out for like, 3 weeks. According to our lease we get to hold back rent until the repair is made (we lease through a private owner). That is exactly what we did. BUT... We did not hold the entire amount of rent. We held back the estimated cost of the repairs. I sent the landlord a letter with the rent check letting him know why the full rent was not paid. There was also a couple of other things that need to be fixed that I mentioned in the letter as well. Well, during the time that my A/C has been out, my daughter has been very sick, and being without the filtered air just isn't good for her. She became sicker because we had to sleep with the fans in the open windows to keep the apartment below 80 degrees at night. She got an upper resperitory infection. I was so pissed. Not to mention that our homeowner's association wants to fine us for keeping the windows open 24 hours a day, calling it "unsightly" since our condo is on the front of the property.

Anyway, a few days after I send him the rent, I get a notice in the mail to vacate the property for... get this... NON PAYMENT OF RENT!!!!!!!!! I could not believe the nerve of this guy!!! We just moved into this place in January, and he came and fixed a bunch of stuff when we first moved in, no problem, and we have not had problems with him. I called him and asked him if he had recieved the letter. He said yes, he got the letter and the rent, but that he wanted the full rent or was going to evict us. I told him that I wanted the A/C fixed or I was not paying the full rent. Believe this... HE HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!! What a whiny little pussy bitch!!! I couldn't believe this shit!!! The nerve!!!!!! A 60 something year old educated man, and a landlord for 20 something years... and he calls me "girly" and hangs up on me!!!!!

So, now we are looking for a place to live... time to pull our hair out again. My hubby wants to stay at this apartment, but I have to ask myself this: I know that if we go to court with this guy, we will win, and the eviction will be dismissed, but, do we want to live here for the next 9 months with a landlord who hates us and will never fix anything again, so that we have to go through all this every month??? My answer is no, but it is so damned hard to find an apartment big enough and cheap enough in the Houston area since Katrina hit and all of the apartments filled up. What did I do to deserve this???

Besides all that, my husband and I are at eachother's throats!!! I am ready to cut his nuts off and hand them to him!!!! He works all day, and I pretty much go to work when I want, so when he comes home I always ask him how his day was... not a bad thing for a wife to do right??? Except that every time I ask him, he jumps down my throat about whether or not I went to work that day. JESUS!!!! Okay, not only that, after he gets home, I go pick-up the baby from day care, and when I get home, she is so excited to see him... that is good, but he pushes her off and when I get on to him about it, he says "I worked all day, I'm tired, I don't feel like reading her a book" (not always a book, sometimes it's just giving her a hug and playing with her for a few minutes before dinner, bath, then bed). Our daughter is 21 months old for God's sake and I do EVERYTHING for her. I make her meals, I bathe her, I wake-up to feed her in the middle of the night, I put her to bed, I play with her.... I mean, I asked him to watch her for a few minutes on Saturday so that I could take a shower, and he said sure, but then just kept right on playing his video game. Needless to say, I didn't get to take my shower 'til she went to bed.

Then today, we were looking at apartments, and didn't pick her up from daycare 'til 6. On the way home, she was hungry of course because it was past dinner time, and I asked him to stop and get dinner. She is in the car SCREAMING for a bottle or food or something, and he decides to stop and "stock-up" on cigarettes (he has 4 packs at home) and get cranberry juice so that he can go home and get drunk!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT??????????????

I don't mind being a mother. I love it... I just wish he would be less like HIS FATHER, and be more of a dad to her. I guess my mom was right, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Again I ask... What did I do to deserve this??? Sometimes I think I should leave this bull behind and be a single mother, since I pretty much am already!!!

Anyway, hope everyone else is having a great day, and ya'll go read my article in the magazine. WOMEN ESPECIALLY!!!!

Love and Kisses Like Always,

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