Leading up to my first parties  

newtrublemakr 55M
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5/12/2006 10:31 am
Leading up to my first parties

The first time I went in my local chat room I just read posts. I didn't know anybody and nobody knew me. There were some indepth conversations going on so I just read on. I started going in there just about every morning reading what everyone was doing. I rarely (if ever) said anything and was probably labeled a chat room lurker. I thought, a site like this by a city as big as Chicago, these must be the hottest swingers in northern Il. and I may not be hot enough. I was hooked like a woman to her soaps and still went in every morning I could until I had to leave for work. Then one morning I heard about a party close to my house and decided to go. I didn't really want to meet anybody, just watch and see if I could match any names with faces from what I had learned in the chat room. I have a bisexual little sister, and as it turned out, she has a profile on AdultFriendFinder too. We went to the party just to observe and when we asked some of the bar staff about the AdultFriendFinder people we found out we were watching the wrong group. A waiter we know blew our cover and we ended up meeting a few people anyway. We went to some more parties and I went to some by myself. My shyness kept me from meeting very many but it was always fun to watch. I even took my wife to a couple after she started reading the morning chat room over my shoulder. After going to a bunch of parties without hardly talking to anyone I was probably labeled a stalker. Well, now I'm starting over with a new handle and I'll try to be more outgoing. Part 2 coming later on.

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