Yesterday I was reminded  

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7/30/2006 11:05 am

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Yesterday I was reminded

I was reminded of why I choose NOT to work in a nursing home. I love elderly people and love taking care of people.

However I did something I hadn't in a long time yesterday, I accepted an assignment from an agency I work for from time to time, at a nursing home, not only did I contract to work at a nursing home but for a 16 hour shift none the less. Now I am paying the price dearly, every muscle, joint, bone, nerve and anything that can, does ache.

It is a damn shame now a days that nursing homes get away with paying nurses shitty pay and expect them to work like dogs to care for, get this, I had a total of 33 patients assigned to me yesterday. 22 of which where bed ridden and needed complete assist with care, such as feeding, getting out of bed, changing, bathing you name it. There where 4 nurses aids and one med aid to assist me, still that was not nearly enough, by the middle of the day my back hurt so bad that I got nauseated and could hardly stand let alone walk without a pronounced limp. The poor med aid and I looked like we belonged there as patients.

My hand was so sore from flushing peg tubes, internal feeding tubes for those of you that don't know what a peg is, and from crushing meds for these tubes. My palms are still red and aching.

There is no way in hell these 33 patients got the best of care they needed, they got the best of care I could possible give within the allotted time I had and limited resources I had. The few independent patients we had, I felt as if I almost ignored them, not on purpose but just because I was so busy with the more complex individuals that I had little time for them. What with not only passing medications there where numberous dressing changes, blood sugar checks, treatments such as adminstering breathing treatments, chasing down the few ambulatory residents to give them their medications and do their treatments took up time, and on top of all of that, there was calling Doctors lab results, faxing lab results, and interacting with family members trying to answer questions which I had no answers to, stopping to assist a patient make a long distance phone call with a calling card, and the hallway was like an obstical course, with all the residents in wheelchairs, or walkers up and down the halls, sometimes they got all tangled up in on bunch, it was worse than traffic in downtown Houston at 8am, and of course all the charting involved. It was a nightmare.

It is no wonder our health care system is in such a shambles now a days. I will say that every nurse, nurses aid, and med aid I worked with yesterday where excellent and I have the deepest respect for them for going back day after day doing the best they can, to take care of those folks. However I don't believe I will be going back to work there anytime soon. My poor body can't take that much abuse. Not to mention the guilt I feel that, even though I gave 110%, that could not have possible been good enough.

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