More true blond moments.  

newsready 50F
1/15/2006 9:38 pm
More true blond moments.

If we can't laugh at ourselves then who can?

Two recent experiences that show how truly blond I really am.

The first was on last Wed. morning, Jan. 11th. I knew I had need new tires for a few weeks however with moving and holidays and well basically lack of money I had put it off for as long as I could. That morning I had planned on taking my two school age children to school and me and my youngest would then head to the tire store I always go to and get new tires. As luck would have it about 5 blocks from the house my right front tire went flat.
We pulled into a parking lot and me and my teen age daughter got out to change the tire. No biggie have changed plenty of tires in my life.

Well after gathering all of our equipment, we found ourselves having trouble loosening the lug nuts. We both took turns and struggled with this for about 10 min or so when it dawned on my daughter who looked up at me and said "Aren't you suppose to loosen them to the left?" All this time we where both tightening them instead of loosening. DUHHHHHHH!

But that isn't the end of the! While I was finally taking the lug nuts off, I had asked my daughter to place the jack and start jacking up the car. She did a good job except didn't place it under the frame too good and well just as we got ready to put on the spare the car rolled back off the jack. DAMN! Luckily it didn't go far just a foot, with the emergency brake on it was good.

What gets me though is that the whole time me and my daughter where doing all of this cars, trucks and men on foot passed by without the slightest concern or any offers to assist. Did have two men walking to work stop one at a time to tell us things like "I would have done it this way or that way" or "If I where you I would not have done that" All the time while I was smiling and saying thank you for your advise. What I really wanted to say was "Go fuck yourself" The nerve lol.

Ok that was number one but here is another.

This morning after I got off of work, I stopped at Wal Mart on my way home for a few things for the kids and picked up these two really neat fold up chairs. They are circular and sit on a metal frame, you are suppose to unfold them and they "click" into place and then you sit on them.

Hummmmmmm? Well I decided to use on for a computer chair, it looked very comfy, I opened it up and thought I heard it click, of course my two little ones where excited to see me and chattering away so I could have been mistaken. I placed the chair close to the end of my bed, which is a sleigh bed with this very heavy wooden foot board. I proceeded to sit down in the chair to test it out, and found myself falling back on my ass to the floor and cracked the back of my head on the foot board.

It hurt like you would not believe, I am just so surprised I didn't split it wide open. I sat there for a min. rolling around on the floor in great pain, cussing the chair and thinking to myself "What a way to go, die from a blow to the head from being stupid"

Well needless to say I didn't die, but I do still have a headache from hell and that happened almost 13 hours ago.

Will I ever learn lol

rm_VoodooGuru1 50M
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1/16/2006 4:45 am

You and your daughter changed your tire? I'm far from sexist, but still impressed. Disappointed too, that no one stopped to help.

You might enjoy a couple Voodooisms here Some Things I Know that apply to your situation.

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