How Rude!  

newsready 51F
1/31/2006 10:15 am
How Rude!

No matter how many times I run into rude, obnoxious, hatefully, uncultured, no class, selfish, and arrogant people. I still am surprised at how many adults there are in this world that can not or will not use the manors most normal parents and teachers try to instill in them as youngsters.

I am only using this as an example I am not saying anything bad about the place it happened.
Wanted to make that clear lol

My youngest daughter and I where at Wal Mart yesterday shopping, I decided after my last trip into town that I would try a little experiment the next time I went anyway. I would take a tally of every time some individual acted inappropriately in a given situation, whether is was towards me or someone else.

Well we dropped my older two off at school and begin our 20 mile drive to the next town over to go shopping.

Well once in the parking lot it didn't take long, I was waiting at the cross walk for this elderly couple to cross when another car coming from the opposite direction paid no attention and almost run them down, how rude! Luckily they made it across.

After parking and walking into the store II (Inappropriate Idiot) #2 happens by, this time the act committed to me. As you walk into the store a greater usually has a few baskets ready for the next costumer or two, well when I reached for a basket a man walking in behind me steps around me, nearly knocking my four yr old to the ground, and grabs the basket I had my hands on. HOW RUDE!

Ok no biggie, I grab another and make my way though the store, stopping in the play center so my daughter can play on one of the merry go rounds. NO OTHER CHILDREN ARE IN THE PLAYROOM AT THIS TIME. Until that is we put our money in the machine and then here comes this mom who happened to be outside when we went in, with her two sons. Now let me go back a little. The merry go round my daughter likes can hold up to three kids and cost a dollar for approx. 2 min ride.
Ok back to the scene, after I have my money in the ride and my daughter is climbing onto it, I hear this lady tell her two boys, hey you guys want to ride on the ride, and sends them running into the play room and they both climb onto the ride. The ride I paid for, does the mom offer to pay for at least half? NO! Does she offer to pay for another ride and let my daughter ride? NO!
After the ride is complete she calls to her sons and tells them "Ok boys it is time to go now" HOW FUCKING RUDE!

The tally for the 30min shopping trip I made that day ended up being 8 total, I gave you the three that I thought where the worst.

I just don't understand some peoples mentalities these days. What happened to saying please and thank you, where did common sense go to? How much longer will I be able to take this before I end up in jail for slapping the crap out of someone?

rm_justme8455 55M

2/2/2006 8:56 pm

Don't slap any one. That is there poor up bringing or shall I as not paying attention to it. Or they hey had none. Keep up tje good work cause I am one not to fight for a line it will come when I need to check out.

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